Colts and Saints

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    I have seen numerous postings on this board with the bravado that the Pats will sweep the next few games. The usual name calling and what not on the board etc...what I have yet to see is anyone reasonable stating why they think the Pats have a shot with offenses led by Brees and Manning? The Pats have not shown the improvement needed in the backfield or in the pass rush to even slow these types of offenses down. Why would anyone be so confident that these games could be W's? I do think what the Pats have this year in the back 7 (or 8) is quantity rather than quality. I assume we will be seeing 6 n 7 man coverages and the Pats could go 7 deep with DB/S players. I think it is alo a safe assumption that BB will have a game plan that could put the Pats in a position to win. That being said, it seems to me the offense MUST put up 30 or more to have a shot. Is anyone seeing any type of red zone play that would assume 30 points against either of these defenses? Can we see some interesting, informative and well thought out opinions as to what the Pats must do to win, what kind of defense we should expect to see, and what the offense must do to secure a W in one of these games? One can assume a 10 win season, but taking 1 of these games, or even better both, could mean the diff between the Colts or Steelers coming here for the playoffs, rather than the Pats going there. Can we have something of interest rather than the usual put downs?
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    I'd rather be positive then negative..I'd rather be happy than sad. I'm not going to sit around worrying that the Pats can't put up 30. Who cares if they don't. You're talking about a football game and your addressing fans..short for Fanatics.
    I won't get into the value of an escape from the daily stresses of life but I'm sure you get the point. There are threads here that you might like just not many but what do you expect?
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