Colts First, Pats Eleventh, in NFL Power Rankings

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    Re: Colts First, Pats Eleventh, in NFL Power Rankings

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    Over the last 5 years, the AFC South has sent more teams to the playoffs than any other division in the AFC. AE - 7 AN - 8 AS - 9 AW - 6 And had the best combined divisional record 3 of those 5 years.  I do agree that the AE should be more competitive this year and may be the best in the league, but I think Tennessee won't have the problems they did early in the year last year (although Vince Young is not reliable).  Houston will be good.  Jax, who knows - they did win 7 games last year. 
    Posted by underdoggggg

         We're talking about now, not the past.

         Tennessee has some serious problems. They are in a contract hassle with star RB Chris Johnson. Vince Young not only is a wild-card, but he may face disciplinary action for fighting in a strip club. Long time defensive leader Keith Bulluck is a 33 year old unsigned, unrestricted free agent, coming off a serious knee injury. Depth at CB is another problem, as the Titans have lost Roderick Hood for the season. Hood was expected to challenge the 35 year old Nick Harper for a starting job.  
         The Texans will be without star LB Brian Cushing...who will miss the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL's drug policy...including one game against Indy. Who knows if he'll ever be the same player, once he gets off roids. Look what happened to Shawne Merriman. WR Andre Johnson has threatened to hold out for more money. Though he remained healthy last season, QB Matt Schaub could break down at any time. The RB situation in Houston is a huge question mark. Steve Slaton fumbles too much, and who knows what rookie Ben Tate will provide? Houston's OL still appears to be mediocre at best.

         Jacksonville had the worst rated 2010 draft. Long time stud DT, John Henderson, is gone. DE Paul Spicer is 34, and is an unsigned, unrestricted free agent. Who plays WR in Jacksonville? Perhaps their best WR last year, Torrey Holt, has joined the Patriots. How much longer can Jones-Drew, their star diminuitive RB, last? Would you feel comfortable with David Gerrard as your starting QB?