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Colts have been up for almost as long as the Patriots - when does their rebuilding start?

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    Re: Colts have been up for almost as long as the Patriots - when does their rebuilding start?

    I wasn't going to respond, but what the heck.  1st - as you know, I am 3g dog (formerly known as 2g dog, but banned).  4g dog is not me, but I appreciate the fan following even if he is a bit over the top.  

       RESPONSE: Say whatever you want. But don't be a hypocrite and whine when you're referred to as being classless and a troll.

    UD - Ok - can't keep you straight here first you say I whine, then you say I don't whine.  What's it going to be?  

    RESPONSE: I don't care what you say. But, when you try to pass yourself off as a guy whose above it all...LOL!!! Take your "joy" to the Indy forum. Bring it here, and you're rubbing it in. 

    UD - I'm not above anything.  In fact, I frequently respond in kind which is when posters like you really get angry.  You all want me to "show my face in a loss" but then don't want it when the colts win.  Can't have it both ways, my friend.  
    RESPONSE: Dream on about your alleged make-up call. So many calls went Indy's way in that 2006 game, that it was a joke. Even other Colts fans have posted here, and admitted to being the beneficiaries of biased officiating. Every NFL fans knows that the Colts get special treatment, other than you. But, that does not apply to this season.   

    UD - No dreaming necessary.  I think you are wrong. 

    RESPONSE: This is a Patriots' forum. The Colts are hated. What do you expect?

    UD - the same objectivity you expect from me.

    RESPONSE: Whose qualifying? I still feel that Polian was a wuss for not going for perfection. I just stated that I know why he really did what he did...and it wasn't just to rest his players. It was to shield them. and, especially, Peyton, from additional pressure. 

         I never saw you whine about it?? LOL!!!! You're a funny man, Dogg(gg).

    UD - uh - you did qualify.  You said the colts were wimps "BUT"...  Oh, and now you are stating Polian's feelings although he never expressed such things.  I think that is called projecting. 

    RESPONSE: Spare you?? Spare me!! Does that make any sense? Why do you always have to make excuses for your guys? Can't you ever be objective?

    UD - I'd like to believe I am more objective than most (not all) on this board.  But then again, maybe we all suffer from blind fandom of different teams which is why we cannot seem to agree. 

    RESPONSE: Don't try to shift the focus to the Buffalo game. Polian wimped out in the Jets game. They should have gone for perfection.

    UD - I am not trying to shift anything.  The colts had objectives for the season and not one of those included a perfect season (NOTE TO COLTS FOR NEXT YEAR).  Their approach has been to check off accomplished items on their goal sheet and thus far they have done everything they set out to do.  As polian said, your desires are not their desires. 

    RESPONSE: Thats' completely illogical. If Manning was, as you say, "as good as he needed to be", the Colts would have won those games. Incidently, he didn't play all that well in the SB, either...and didn't deserve the MVP trophy in that game.  

    UD - Funny, I see your comment as illogical.  Football is not a one man game.  Football is a more specialized game than maybe any other team sport.  He does not play defense.  He does not rush the punter.  He does not block or kick or catch.  Football is not like basketball or baseball (at least in the NL) or hockey or soccer or other team sports where players play both offense and defense.  If you would like to say that Manning did not rise above the deficiencies of the rest of the team in 07 and 08, then I might accept that.  But he put on winning performances in those games.  His prior playoff losses he was squarely a part of the problem, but not the past couple of years. 

    RESPONSE: You continue to prove my point that you are nothing more than a troll. How was my praise ingenuine, when I've been consistent about it all year long? As far as being "grudging praise"...of course...I hate the Colts. I hope they lose to the Saints. But, unlike you, I can be objective. 

    UD - Why, because I call you out just as you call me out.  Jeez, talk about being hypocritical and classless.  Today, you want to hide behind a cloak of deceptive decency because as you say, you thought the colts were good after the first quarter of the season, but happily derided them at every opportunity throughout the entire season.  Don't act as if you have respect for the team now.  What you really did was talk out of both sides of your mouth and now act like you should only be judged for saying you thought the colts were good.   

    RESPONSE: Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you. The problem is no longer just the LBs and secondary...but extends to their interior lines. Their OL and DL got pushed around whenever they played the better teams. They haven't beaten anybody really good since they lost SB 42 to the Giants. 

    UD - I won't disagree.  I would defer to your knowledge of the pats vs. mine.  I do think Brady is great, although I honestly wonder if his new lifestyle outside of football has distracted him a bit.  I really don't know, but I do wonder.  I also think (as I have said) that the defense and its leadership was largely responsible for the pats great run, and that is really missing now.  

    RESPONSE: BB misused Thomas from day one, when, out of necessity, he converted him to an ILB. OLB was his best position. That said, Thomas was never a leader here...and showed by his antics this year that he's not leader material.  

    UD - Agreed.   

    RESPONSE: I don't know. Wilfolk, individually, had a good season. Ty Warren, when healthy, is a solid player. But the rest of the DL is chopped liver.

         Why did the Mods ban you again, forcing you to add another (g)?  

    UD - My comments on wilfork and warren are not about their ability as players but their ability as leaders of that defense.  They are the links to your past greatness, and could carry that mantle, but sometimes players are not or don't want to be leaders. 
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    Re: Colts have been up for almost as long as the Patriots - when does their rebuilding start?

    JD - Ugoh has not panned out.  I think it is being attributed to a lack of desire. 

    By the same token, so far Mike Pollak also has not panned out but still could round into shape.  Colts draft at OL has not been great in recent years.  This year they picked up Kyle DeVan a UDFA in 08 who played Arena league earlier in the year.  He is starting. 
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    Re: Colts have been up for almost as long as the Patriots - when does their rebuilding start?

    HOLY CRAP, you guys have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much time on your hands.

    Do you guys actually work for a living?

    Do you ever consider how much of your life you have wasted by bickering back and forth on an internet message board??

    I'm as die-hard as anyone else, but at some point you have to remind yourself that it's JUST A GAME.

    It would be interesting to see how much you have both raised your blood pressure singlehandedly from this message board.
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