Colts Manning MVP?

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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

    If you want to judge an MVP on how well the team would fare without them (And no, that's not how the award is defined) than the award would be even more meaningless than it already is.  It's incredibly abstract to guess how a team would play without a player, nobody knows... it's just absurd. 

    But, based off that criteria, and with a little hindsight than I think we would all have to say now that Kurt Warner was the MVP of the last few years.
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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

    By nature, the simple minded really like bright/shiny objects. Look at what teh Indians took in trade for Manhatten! Does it surprise anyone that the media's "bright/shiny object" wins MVP's?

    WHO CARES?????

    Let him put another "populatiry" award in Mom's basement.... We'll put ANOTHER Lombrdi in the Gillette trophy case. More folks will see the Lombardi anyways.
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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

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    It's mildly annoying watching Manning being simply penciled in for this award year after year, no matter what, but I think there may be some merit to the idea that he is the one player who is most indispensible to his team.  I think a valid argument can be made that -- should Manning suddenly dry up and blow away -- the Colts would plummet faster and farther than any other team that suffered a comparable loss.
    Posted by p-mike

    Let's re-name it the "Manning Most Valuable Choker Award". Works for me!
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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

    What pisses me off is everyone praises Manning like he is the best QB to ever play. Yes, he is a great QB but im pretty sure he only has ONE SB ring PERIOD!  Yes he has done a great job this yr with his offense and dealing with the injuries he has...but Manning has at least  had reggie wayne to help throughout the year. Brady has done just as well if not better and Brady has been doing it with a team that is rebuilding. Moss is gone, faulk is on IR, Welker is not 100% and is always double covered. NO DEEP THREAT, Brandon Tate is basically a rookie. He has danny woodhead as one of the leading rushers on the team and he has some rookie TEs also doing what they can. He might not have the stats Manning has (not by much) but  Brady has more WINS... Bottom line Brady is the better QB... the one with THREE rings...and has been doing what he can with the weapons he has. I would rather have a TEAM that helps each other out to get the win, then a team that has become so predictable and relys on Manning to get the win. This game is def going to be the highlight of the year and we will all see where these two teams rank as far as the elite team in the NFL.  GO PATS!!!!
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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

    And the green-eyed monster reared his ugly head.
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    Re: Colts Manning MVP?

    Colts fans equate Manning getting the MVP as equal to being the better player than Brady.  As mkulacz noted....  it is an award for the most valuable PLAYER who not necessarily means best player.  The value Manning is to the Colts does FAR exceed the value Brady is to the Pats because the Colts truly go as Manning goes.  True, many fans cringe whenever folks point to the 2008 season and the 11 - 5 record amassed with Cassel at the helm, but, it means there was a pretty decent team surrounding Cassel.  Manning, too, has a pretty decent team surrounding him, but, he is the LIFE BLOOD of that offense.  Even Colts fans cringe at the thought of an entire season without Manning as they know it would be a losing season.  Pats fans may also cringe at the thought of a season without Brady again, but, the faith in BB to still produce a winning team is much stronger here than Colts fans have in their head coach.
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