Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian

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    Re: Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian

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    In Response to Re: Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian : As far as I know, he didn't ask to have the rule changed.  He asked to have the rule enforced.
    Posted by underdoggggg

    No, that punka#s*s Polian had them install the 5 yard bump rule. Where after five yards you werent allowed to touch 'Trigger Happy' Marve and the gang. Dont you remember? And Polian does have major influence within the NFL offices, as its known.
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    Re: Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian

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    In Response to Re: Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian : apparently there are lots of clowns on this board and in the media, then. Tom Moore simply gives manning ideas and lets Manning run the show.  Because of the colts excellence, the back ups have been given plenty of opps throughout the years.  They've all looked miserable.  Moore has been there for all of it.  The point is that the colts (as is frequently noted here) aren't all that good save a few players.  Manning can't win the game all by himself, but he takes that responsibility because he has to.  Freeney is an HOF'er, but singularly (like Manning) he can't do it alone.  Plus, he does not match, for example, the combined excellence of Bruschi, Vrabel, Wilfork, Seymour, Warren, Harrison, McGinest, Law, Samuel.  Man the pats had some great D players.  Its no disrespect to Brady.  He's had a better o-line than the colts better running backs save a couple of years (remember Edge blew a knee and wasn't the same after and Addai had one good year).  I agree that the colts have had better receivers until 2007.  Further, Belichick has his hands in everything.  Not just defense.  Don't forget Brady had Weis who was also considered a genius.  Tom Moore wasn't offered the ND job. Finally, a great receiving corps is limited by an inability to run and a great defense which the pats had. 
    Posted by underdoggggg

    You mean the same clowns who said the Saints had no chance to win the SB and that Peyton would go up 30-7 and then take his seat on his throne as the greatest QB of all-time by half-time?  Yeah, those clowns. 

    I know that that Moore just gives Manning suggestions idea is a load of crap, you know that it's crap, but the media wants to build on the Manning legend and threw that crap out there. Why would anyone keep an OC around if the QB or offense doesn't need him? it's just not smart or good business. 

    On your back-ups, did you think Matt Cassel ever looked any good when he subbed in for Brady during games? It's not the same. Matt Cassel and Jim Sorgi both had to take reps with the second string offense. The y don't have any chemistry with the WRs like Brady and Manning. It took weeks before Cassel started to look like an average QB after Brady went down. 

    I'll admit that, the Pats had a great defense during the dynasty, but the Colts had as good a, if not better, offense in comparison to the Pats defense. The only amazing RB the Pats had was Corey Dillion. He was great from 2004-2005, in 2006 he had to carry the load with Maroney and his age showed. 

    And yeah, try to make Charlie Weis into a better offensive mind than Tom Moore. Moore never wanted to leave Indy, Wies on the other hand was horrible choice for ND as the world saw. 
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    Re: Colts' OL Rebuffs Polian


    I don't know why you are not banned forever from this site.  You are so, so ignorant.  The Patriots have not gone against their word with Mankins.  It's simply a case where agent and player think they are worth one $ and the Patriots think they are worth another $.  Clearly, on the other hand, your Idiot President Polian has thrown blame onto one group of players(the OL) and not mentioned his high and mighty, Peyton, who is a lousy big game player.  Even in college, he sucked in big games.  Face reality and quit bothering intelligent, rational and sane people.

    Oh by the way, Polian, the idiot, remarks "We attained the goals we were going after and that is why we rested our players"  His excuse for not having the balls to go for an undefeated record of 19-0.  He is an idiot because who in the hell remembers who the last most wins of the decade team was???  Who???

    The Colts management and you are unbelievably PATHETIC!

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