Colts/Pats Game

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    Re: Colts/Pats Game

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    Get the message OUT...  All patriot fans that wear TANK TOPS get a free beer... !

    Better yet a tank top with a blue horseshoe with the red circle/ slash over it...

    Would love to see that on CBS with Jim Nance attempting to explain it ...


    Sounds like a reunion of The Village People.  Provincetown invades Foxborough.  Coolade heaven.

         Interesting that a Hoosier like yourself is familiar with Provincetown, Dog(ggggg).



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    Re: Colts/Pats Game

    Was fortunate enough in my younger days to be the vacation guest of a couple of lady friends who were in Cape Cod, and I loved it.  On my bucket list is to go there with my wife and daughter.  Look, I love Boston and the Cape. 

    Some Pats fans, like yourself, don't represent that.