Colts Penalty during Colts-Titans game

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    Colts Penalty during Colts-Titans game

    Interesting to note that Colts DL Antonio Johnson was flagged for Disconcerting Signals penalty last night during the Colts-Titans game.  This is what got Brady so heated at the end of the Pats-Colts game when Brady was taking a knee and he started barking at the Referee.  Johnson was calling out QB signals trying to draw Tenn. for a false start while attempting a PAT after Chris Johnson's TD run for the Titans first score.  I'm sure this stuff goes on all the time but it seems Brady's barking might have called attention to the matter.  Brady was pissed because the Colts tried to do it to stop the clock.  Might go on a lot but kind of bush league from the Colts.  If that's what they need to do to get in the playoffs then good luck. Plus, why do it on a PAT???  all a penalty does is back them up a bit but really....was it worth it?  he got caught last night and Tenn kicked off from their 45 as the 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty was accepted by Tenn and instead of kicking from their 30 they got to move up 15 more yards which can help with field position. 


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