Coming in off the ledge...

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    Coming in off the ledge...

    There are a lot of upset people on here after last nights first draft pick. I can certainly see why people are questioning the selection of Tavon Wilson with the first selection in the second round, it is a head-scratcher. Looking at the bigger picture, the team was one defensive stop or one offensive first down away from winning the Super Bowl 10 weeks ago. As long as Welker returns, I can't question that the offense will put up enough points in most games that the defense just needs to be average or a little above to allow them to get into the playoffs and make another run at the title. Below is what they have added to the defense that made it to the Super Bowl last year. Add to this list the starters from last year, plus the returning Ras-I Dowling and Jermaine Cunningham, and possibly practice squard player Markell Carter, there should be enough talent available to not only improve on last years D, but turn it into a solid, productive unit. Thoughts?? 

    DE Chandler Jones
    LB Dont'a Hightower
    S Tavon Wilson??
    DL Jake Beqette
    DL Jonathan Fanene
    DE/OLB Trevor Scott
    DB Steve Gregory
    CB Marquice Cole
    CB Will Allen
    DL Marcus Harrison??
    LB Bobby Carpenter??

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    Re: Coming in off the ledge...

    Sure looks like a serious attempt to get better on that side of the ball ...