QB: it`s good as ever, once you have Brady as your starting Qb you`re really good. SAME

RB: it`s a better group now, even after losing Woodhead, Blount could make some plays, and Ridley and Vereen have more experience and are more mature player than last year. BETTER

WR: Everytime I see this new Pats receiver group I get a little more confident, Amendola could have the same number as WW, Dobson could add what we missed since Moss gone, Thompkins and Boyce could create a lot of confusion in defenses, I think this year offense is much more Better because isn`t  predictable to a defense Brady could Throw to everyone creating some confusion on the defense, Last year our offense was predictable with welker and AH now it`s totally diferent. BETTER

TE: I think this is the only area that we can`t say we have improved, I know Sudfeld looked to be a great player, but losing AH was really bad, and remember Gronk won`t start the first games of the season, but after Gronk returns this unit could be better than last year if Sudfeld and Ballard start to make some impact, but for now I think we should say that this unit is not better than last year: HAS TO PROVE WHAT IS CAPABLE TO DO.

OL: This unit losses Donald Thomas, but even after this could be better than last year, Cannon could have a great year and Solder have more experience now, Mankins is having a solid preseason and Vollmer is solid as ever, Wendell could have a good second season in his new postion with more experience playing at center. BETTER

SS: it`s improved a lot after we got Adrian Wilson, I think Tavon has to prove what he is capable to do yet, Harmon the same but with Adrian this unit is really improved: BETTER

FS: McCourty now will have a full season in the postion and improve much more now that BB could have the better of Devin playing of FS for full time this position is improved. BETTER

CB: The cb postion has been a nightmare for Pats, now we have Talib with an entire preseason and much more adapted to the Team, Dennard is an incognite yet but He proved that he is capable to perform well, Green is having a good preseason , and this year Arrington doesn`t need to play outside, we also add Ryan. BETTER

LB: The Pats LB core was one of the best in the league last season, but the only issue that this group had was covering passes, but we might have solved this issue with Collins , and Hightower now will dominates, this group will be  top 3 in the league. BETTER

DL: Tommy Kelly this was the answer to our problem with the interior pass rush, you can see in last night game that sometimes kelly and Wilfork were Doubled, this make things easier to our DE and LB, Chandler Jones will Dominate if Someone in the roster could make some impact being the opposite of Jones we could make some trouble to the QB. BETTER

This are my thoughts guys I hope you enjoy.