Comparing the D and the O

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    Re: Comparing the D and the O

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    In Response to Re: Comparing the D and the O : Ahh...another smart guy from Texas like myself. You are absolutely right Gary. This offense isn't all that's it cracked up to be. I feel like we are in the middle of a transformation but haven't yet completed it for whatever reason. Maybe it's timing, maybe it's lack of vision..i don't know. Your point about have some WRs that can stretch it is key. A point I made on another thread is that we have basically Gronk, Wes and Hern catching passes consistenly. We all know if you jam Wes and disrput his route, and play successful man coverage on Gronk, this offense sputters to say the least. Watch GB and NO. They have 4 good to great WRs that can create mismatches because of their strength and speed combination (Colston) and get seperation on their routes. Harder to jam off the line, and also opposing defenses can't keep 4 WRs in front of them. We unfortunately don't have that luxury as our offense is predicated on the short/middle of the field game. Here we go to my main point.... Lets complete the transformation. We have a big decision to make in resigning Wes. If we have $8-$10M to put into the WR spot, what do you do? Do you resign Wes, or do you go grab a guy like Colston or Jackson who play outside the numbers? Where do you spend your money? My feeling is we have 2 to 3 possible players that can play the slot well enough. Notice, I didn't say as good as Wes, but good enough for what we need. Hern, Edelman and possibly Vereen. OR, you draft a kid like Broyles out of Oklahoma and he becomes your new slot WR, but you don't have to tie up big money to do it. So, in essence you could have Broyles in the slot, Colston/Jackson outwide with Price. Then, you go get another big TE in the mold of Gronk. Good blocker/pass catcher like the Fleener kid out of Standford. That to me completes the transformation. 2 WRs who can play outside the numbers and stretch the field, 2 blocking/pass catching TE's, a mix of slot WRs in Broyles/Hern/Edelman/Vereen, and a TE in Hern that can pretty much line up anywhere on the field (HB, Slot, Outwide). Now, you have out of 1 personnel grouping, the ability to run heavy (primary 2 TE's) + Hern in the backfield with Ridley/BJGE/etc. running the ball, OR using same personnel grouping, you split those 2 TE's outwide, Hern in teh slot, Ridley/Vereen/BJGE passblock or release out of the backfield. You mix in your run as stated above, and you use Colston/someone like him and Price to stretch the field, keep D's honest. That's my solution to the offense problem. The defense is going to take some more time, but here is my high level on it via the draft and FA next year. I'm looking ahead by the way.... 1. Sign Matt Roth to play opposite Carter. Extend Carter for another year or two. 2. Sign RMathis from Jacksonville to play opposite McCourty. I don't want to see another rookie drafted at CB as we already have to develop Ras and the others. We need a vet. 3. Draft Manti Te'O, Luke Kuehly to play OLB (4-3) opposite Mayo (Mayo/Spikes/Manti) good LB corps. GUyton, Fletcher, Nink as depth. 4. Draft Jerel Worthy to play DT. Insurance and we can let Warren, Ellis or Haynesworth walk. Worthy starts next to Vince, Love/Pryor provide depth. 5. Draft Lester or TJ McDonald to play FS opposite Chung. Brown/Ihedegbo for depth. There you go, a remade team for next season. Unfortunately, we have what we have this year, but we need to remake both the O and D next and I think the above is a look into how I would do it if I were GM.
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    not yet there with you. why would we want to talk about what they should do in the offseason? are we really giving up already? better to discuss thoughts where improvements in o and d could come from based on the assets they have.

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    Re: Comparing the D and the O

    No, I haven't cashed it in this season at all. I'm simply making a point that we have serious flaws on this team, and I feel we have a easier way of addressing themn in-season on the offense than we do on the defense.

    Which brings me to the point and the pointn of this post which is...The Offense as constituted has the personnel and captain to take this team into the playoffs. OB needs to bring his A game every week however, and TB/OB need to do a better job managing the game and attacking opponents.

    The defense as constituted does not have what it takes to shut down or limit SB caliber teams. I'm pointing a finger primarily at the secondary. I have faith in our DL, our LB's to a point, but the secondary I have no faith in. Can you imagine them against NO or GB with Rodgers or Brees passing? These are the teams if we make it to the SB, we would have to stop or at least limit.