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Comparing Woodhead to Faulk

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    Re: Comparing Woodhead to Faulk

    Good chip blocker for a small guy, like Kevin will get the big play when needed. Unlike Kevin will run between tackles often. BB always liked him as the word was that Woody was the gift that his pal Nick Saban offered before he left for Alabama. Bill will find a way to keep him. Danny seems happy here. Exciting to watch just like Kevin.

    All have a good evening

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    Re: Comparing Woodhead to Faulk

    The fact that discussion is even taking place without anyone screaming bloody murder shows how deft a pick up Woodhead was by Belichick. He was good in last years super bowl and he has been terrific all year in my book. He seems to have picked up a lot of huge third downs this year and he would have been the hero in the Arizona game if it weren't for Gronkowski's holding call.

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    Re: Comparing Woodhead to Faulk

    In response to PatsEng's comment:

    In response to Quagmire3's comment:

    Yeah I like Woodhead but I agree with Portfolio Faulk was a great run blocker, Woody used to get run over alot. I do predict though......wait for it......Super Bowl MVP for Danny Woodhead. You heard it here first!

    Damn, I didn't know Faulk blocked for himself when he was running; now that's impressive. I know you meant pass blocking but had to point that out Quag  lol

    oops! LOL glad you knew what I meant! Great PASS blocker!