Concensus Draft GPA for NE?

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    Concensus Draft GPA for NE?

    Interesting article. ESPN tallied draft grades from all the outlets and formulated an actual GPA for all the teams.

    They have Philly as the valedictorian, so I guess that makes NE the salutatorian. LOL.

    Anyhow here are some of the grades handed out by the nation.

    PHI 3.56
    NE  3.44
    NJJ 3.33
    DEN 2.41
    KC 2.41
    OAK 0.59

    In normal digit grading NE got an 86 and PHI an 89.

    NJJ and NJG would have gotten an 83 each.

    IND would have gotten a 66.

    KC and DEN would have gotten 60.

    Oakland would have recieved a 15. LOL.

    I can't say I disagree just on addressing needs and other maneuvers. 

    With a bunch in between. Here is the link.

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    Re: Concensus Draft GPA for NE?

    Jets grade seems a little high. 
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    Re: Concensus Draft GPA for NE?

    The Eagles have clearly gotten more explosive @ WR/RB/TE with the additions to last years pick Desean Jackson...

    I would imagine that the Eagles will re-emerge as perhaps the best Offensive team in the NFC

    By far i would say that NE gets a 4.0 for drafting and moving about the draft while collecting future picks

    It is very true that the Patriots picked a bunch of individuals that may not make the team but they most definetly are lighting a flame under the buts of many of there current players... i think the camp animosity and competition is going to be very high and that at the end of the day we'll have a much better team...

    I think the  notion that the Patriots will be in a much better position by using a "moss effect" on next years free agent class is in fact the best way to manage there business because as a Playoff team, they will be restricted to signing on top free agents............. what if they fully expect there players to be released in an effort to stay within the CBA for 2010 only to resign them to deals that are already in place... Gentleman aggreements may cause some faultering but i think that Seymour and Wilfork would stay irregardless, Neal will stay and so wouldn't light but Mankins may be heading back out west

    this point was made earlier by another idividual and i beleive it makes sense so i figure we could all expand on it

    but I am going with 4.0 for a pioli less draft considering the loss could have been detrimental