bb hasd WON A FEW BATTLES LATELY WITH THE COMMISH AND FOOTBALL COMMUNITY. FINISHING THIRD WAS ACTUALLY quite an accomplishment. rivera definitely deserved it. andy the reid is debatable but can see y, based strictly on turnaround.. i guess so! but bb has been on record for years Guy thumping. feels its a position, y not count it.. if bb was in baseball, would b all in for DHs like edgar martinez as well. the man respects everyone in da game. now adam V will b a certain FIRST BALLOTER and the likes of morten andersen will too b allowed to walk thru those sacred doors.also liked that Andre Reed got in.. always liked him and his game, very underrated. will b like ray allen getting his jersey raised to the rafters i guess.. will happen, just wont b QUICKLY like for pp, kg+the doc!