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Congratulations NYJ!

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    Congratulations NYJ!

    You guys played a heck of a game today, in a tough stadium. Despite being manhandled in the first half, you hung in. You took advantage of mistakes in the second half and made the big plays when it counted. I'll never be a Jets fan but I know a hard-earned, playoff road victory when I see one.

    Good luck in Indy.

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    Re: Congratulations NYJ!

    Ya, nice game Jets. You have a team that the Pats are going to have to try to keep up with. Sanchez and Greene are cornerstones of the offense along with that O line. The defense is nasty and has the best corner in the league w/Revis. Belichick has his work cut out if he wants to try to remain on top of the AFC. This Jets team is only going to get better as Sanchez gets more experience.