HE'S A DRUGGIE, THIS CLEARLY WAS premeditated AS HE TEXTED HIS BOYS 2 DAYS PRIOR ABOUT TAKING CARE OF AN ISSUE (LLOYD) AND SEEMED TO HAvE IT ALL PLANNED. UNFORTUNATELY, IF U FORGET ABOUT HERNY THE BALLPLAYER FOR A SEC, HE'S NO different than any other gangmember and the tragedy that happens eeryday in our inner cities. nothing new or special here. emotional midgets killing over disrepect for the have little inner respect for themselves so they act out and channel their inner thug.

if MAssachusetts had the death penalty most of the majority have opted for time and time again, the state would have real leverage to make herny and others talk. his lawyers now can say i can spare your life and folks can flip can save us a lot of grief. by now, its a debate about life no parole in exchange for no death penalty a la rae caruth. but this is life no parole or 25 -30 with chance thereof.whats the point?