Could it be? Do you feel that magic too?

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    Re: Could it be? Do you feel that magic too?

    In response to agill1970's comment:

    I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about our winning Superbowl years.  About how Brady was more of a compliment to the team than a focal point, and victories were achieved by hard nosed players being phsyical, a strong running game, strong defense, -short passes and screens, superior special teams play.  Those teams had an edge, and you could feel a certain magic in the air as well with a timely play, a fortunate ball bounce, the unlikely being commonplace. 

    I had written this team off after Mayo went down.  Seeing him on IR next to Wilfork put a Superbowl date for this team all but out of reach in my opinion.  When Gronk went down, that was it.  I started looking at next year, draft prospects, free agents, contracts.  I overlooked the fact that they were still winning games.  I didn't realize it at the time, but that magic I spoke of was back.  It returned with guys stepping up and emerging from the bench.  It returned with the feeling that the Patriots thrive on, the underdog, the overlooked, the chip on the shoulder. 

    They still have a hell of a mountain to climb in Mile High against Manning.  And even if they win, pick your poison because both NFC teams are absolute beasts.  I don't know if they'll do it, but one thing is for sure.  There is no way I would bet against them right now because I am definitely feeling that old Patriot magic. 

    Amen, brother. They have made a believer out of me too. This group is something special.

    DeadAhead, there is no question that this is a more balanced offense in many years. And the reason you feel good is that the bad guys can't just focus on rushing Brady and stop our offense. Blount and Ridley (and Vereen) will kill them if they do that. But in the years when Brady was throwing 55 times a game, he did not have that alternative. He played heroically in games that should not have required heroics. I am a huge supporter of Bill Belichick's leadership but he loaded up on receivers and understaffed the running game because he knew he had a special quarterback. But no single heroic effort is sufficient to create a sustainable advantage in a game against a team of 53 overachievers. You make it a Brady issue, which is patently unfair and gets the proper response from this forum. He did as much as or more than can be asked of anyone in the game.

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    Re: Could it be? Do you feel that magic too?

    I am definitely feeling that old magic.  We are getting the most out of JAGS and cast-offs and I don't mean to be disparaging.  This game is all about heart.  Our guys have bonded and are playing out of their heads, really because they don't want to let their teammates down.  Brady was impatient and a little tempermental at the beginning of the season.  IMO that showed leadership and the rooks got the message.  Play hard, follow the playbook, and  make every snap count.  I hate making predictions about plays because I just don't know enough.  I leave that to the coaches but I am sure the mad scientist has cooked up something special defensively for PM.  I suspect he'll go back in time and use what worked in the past- jam/punish receivers at the line with a deep safety (DMC) to keep everything in front.  The DL will hold their ground and hopefully limit runs to ~3 yds.  On offense, we will be balanced but unpredictable with runs from passing formations, up-tempo at times, and punishing WHAM runs on 2 and long.  It sounds easy, but I think they throw the kitchen sink at em and keep the D guessing all game long.  Despite all the angst and prognostications in the media, I have a hunch we put a whippin on the Broncos just like in the Ravens game- a complete game that saps the will of the opponent.  Then will exorcise the demon of Richard Sherman in the SB to conclude another magical season.