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Cris Carter

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    Cris Carter

    I'm not normally one to pounce on talking heads, but Chris Carter has been pushing his anti-Belichick agenda pretty hard the past few days.  He was on NFL Countdown yesterday discussing whether BB has done his best coaching job  of his career this season Carter tore him apart because he is supposed to be a defensive  "genius" and has, as Carter put it, a "historically bad defense."  He was on Mike & Mike this morning (I have to have something on when I feed the baby)...again tearing the Pats defense apart as if they had killed his first born child.  I've never really liked the dude, but he's not exactly offering a balanced opinion.  Mike & Mike had just had a 10 minute discussion on BB's interview with Keyshawn Johnson RE: how points allowed are really a bigger indicator for a defense than yard allowed.  The two Mike's then didn't really offer that up when Carter came on and was tearing the Pats apart.  He acts insulted that the Pats are even playing in this game in the first place.  My opinion: they're good enough to win 13 games and be one of the last 2 teams playing, case closed.

    These morons usually don't bother me, but that guy bugs me for some reason.  That is all.

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    Re: Cris Carter

    I'd like to see Cris Carter on the field playing against Pats D, or how about just an arm wrestle with Wilfork? Or maybe he could be the Pats new D coordinator? I'm sure he's got the right stuff. Oh yeah, that's the ticket.
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    Re: Cris Carter

    In Response to Re: Cris Carter:
    I'd like to see Cris Carter on the field playing against Pats D, or how about just an arm wrestle with Wilfork? Or maybe he could be the Pats new D coordinator? I'm sure he's got the right stuff. Oh yeah, that's the ticket.
    Posted by darwk

    You're kidding, right?
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Carter is not a Patriots guy, what else is new?
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    Re: Cris Carter

    In Response to Re: Cris Carter:
    In Response to Re: Cris Carter : You're kidding, right?
    Posted by CaptainZdeno33

    YES. He's a tool that think he's better than Belichick. Ha!
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Giants 4,000 yards against versus pats 4,700
    Giants 400 points against versus Pats 342

    Historically bad?  difference of less than 50 ypg
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    Re: Cris Carter

    This is what the media does to you.

    Some ex players, well lets just say I would rather they move on to something else.

    It really changes your perception of players.

    Chris Carter was one of my favorite Wrs coming up. He always made atleast on spectactular catch a game. He never looked fast but always got open and was a leader on and off the field. I really had him up there in my top 5 of WR's.

    The problem is since he as retired, every year I think less of him.

    Now if he never went to ESPN after he retired, I would probably still feel the same way.

    All I can attribute it to is that he never won a ring. He had an outstanding career without the accompanying Bling to satisfy himself and so his agenda is to hate anyone who has the chance to get any bling that wasnt as good as he was.

    Our team is the perfect one to hate on because we have a lot of underdog type players that noone gave a chance and guys like Chris want to see the Packers of the world win a title...Oh well!

    Off of my fave 5 you go Carter!
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Chris Carter = No talent hack.
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    Re: Cris Carter

    I think BB did a pretty remarkable job if you think back to what we had at the beginning of the season.  I was drooling over our secondary with DMC, Leigh Bodden, and Rasi back there.  I held high hopes on the signing of Albert Haynesworth and the "giant reawakening".  Some peoples hearts weren't in it, some people suffered injuries, some people didn't live up to their expectations.  He mixed and matched and brought in people on a weekly basis trying to find the right combo and chemistry. 

    What other coach could have done as much working with such setbacks???  Did our D suck this year.  Yup, the numbers don't lie.   But it had its moments, got stronger as the season went on, and played above what it should have given the parts BB was working with. 
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    Re: Cris Carter

     Here's the thing with the ESPN 'experts'. They spent the entire season worshiping the Packers and crapping on the Pats. When the Packers failed to show up for their game with the Giants and lost they had some serious backpedaling to do. This isn't to say that the Giants aren't playing their best ball of the season but lets face it. The Packers receivers dropped balls all over the field and the non fumble by the Giants was a BS call by the refs.

     So the new line is that the Giants are the 'new Packers' and therefore unbeatable while the Patriots still stink and are in the SB only because the Ravens blew the game with a 'dropped' TD pass and a missed FG that apparently was for 4 points since it seems to have guaranteed a win.

     I will be surprised if one talking head picks the Pats to win but I could give a ratsass what they think or say.

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    Re: Cris Carter

    Doesn't really matter what anybody thinks. Except for me, what I think is right. Pats win 38-17
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Schein and Gannon both going for the Giants.  Surprise!

    I'm angry, but actually pretty happy about the way this is unfolding.  We should have one very angry, driven team on the field come Sunday.  Haters gonna hate, but then they are gonna cry.........
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Look at the people BB has had to work with on defense:

    James Ihedigbo is a Jets castoff, a JAG

    Sergio Brown is undrafted.

    Nate Jones was sitting by the telephone when the Patriots called in November.

    Sterling Moore is undrafted.

    Kyle Arrington starts, and he was undrafted.

    Antwaun Molden was a Houston castoff who needed a job. 

    Julian Edelman is a legitimate NFL #3 wide receiver, but he learned a new position quickly.

    Slater, maybe not a legitimate NFL #4 wide receiver, but he has two legs and isn't really doing anything else right now. 

    Devin McCourty couldn't play cornerback and had to switch positions.  He'll be ok at safety.

    Eugene Chung is ok when he's healthy, which wasn't the case for some of the year.

    In sum, who are these guys, what have they done with the real Patriots, who can spell Antwaun and Ihedigbo, and why on earth would Cris Carter criticize BB's expert handling of the Bad News Bears to the point where they could knock the Ravens' playoff hopes away?
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    Re: Cris Carter

    I think chris carter would be a great addition to our defense, AS A TACKLING DUMMY.
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    Re: Cris Carter

    I certainly agree that what people say doesn't make one iota of difference with how the game will turn out.  I don't nec. think the Pats aren't flawed, and I appreciate an honest report.  I just have a problem with what comes across as a vendetta against a certain team being passed off as accurate analysis.  As a Pats fan, obviously I pay more attention to what is said when the Pats are discussed, so maybe Carter is this bad when analyzing every team, I don't know.  I suppose it all boils down to internet hits and tv ratings......journalism and professional analysis go by the wayside.  I keep meaning to stop watching ESPN.......maybe one of these days I actually will.  
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Cris Carter is so unbiased.  What a Bozo.

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    Re: Cris Carter

    In Response to Re: Cris Carter:
    Well, he should have been that angry when former Vikes Def Coordinator, Mike Tomlin, had a "32nd ranked" pass D in Minny in 2006 and then got a promotion to head coach Pittsburgh as some kind of "defensive genius". Carter is a moron. His IQ might be above 100, but I am not sure.  What's funny is how he thinks he's intelligent.  And, no one on those panels calls him out for being so ridiculous either, due to the anti-NE agenda ESPN pumps. Look at Chris Berman's face when Carter goes off dramatically. It's hilarious. YOu can tell he has little respect for his sales pitch and wants to say something, but he holds back, likely for ESPN to be able to push this anti-BB angle. What BB has done on the fly in the cap era, is nothing short of unbelievable and historically notable.  That's really what's sad. The media should be celebrating what will go down as arguably the best rebuilding job in the history of the NFL, especially if NE wins a SB. He didn't have the luxruy of having a veteran base on D with a lot of continuity.  Wilfork, Mayo and Chung, ironically the key down the middle players, are the backbone, but it's pretty clear for BB to do what he likes to do, he wants guys who get it. This is alwasy why BB's Ds have always been veteran Ds. It's why teams like Pitt, Balt or  even a NOs or a GB, can appear to be far superior, which in some ways they were this year for sure. Look at the Giants.  What are they going to do if they lose a few of their key front 7 players?   They have a nice younng kid in Pierre-Paul on the edge, but they're whole thing is continuity. Belichick basically tried to squash a bunch of different bodies into a defense to see what fit. So, in essence, he is a defensive genius. It took GB and then adding Dom Capers to build a SB D last year.   It took Mickey Loomis in NOs YEARS to get what he has in NOs, and you can see where that D has ended up. When Cris Carter said this was the worst D in "the history of the NFL", he probably should have been suspended from his job without pay because you can't make statements that simply dom't make sense and expect to be considered a professional.  At some point, it becomes incredibly embarrassing. You're representing a company. Barring ESPN ordering him to say that, there is no way on earth NE's D is anywhere remotely close to any of the worst Ds in the NFL history. ESPN and the national media is so arrgoant, they can't even see BB just rebuilt the foundation of a new potential dynasty on the fly. Utter genius.  Most teams take 3-5 years to even lay a foundation. BB did it in 2009, 2010 and he tinkered during most of this year, both out of necessity and simply by trying to figure it all out himself. It's not like Serymour, Bruschi, Harrison, Seau, Vrabel, Colvin, Samuel, etc, are all here or even 1 or 2 of those players could have been here at this point. I started a tread here last week entitled "The Media" and it was censored/deleted. I don't know why, but I though this article was honest and interesting. This article has over 4000 comments under it due to an insane jealousy by non-Pats fans: Are Patriots building another dynasty? January, 27, 2012 Jan 27 1:30 PM ET Email Print Comments 5K+ By James Walker Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won three Super Bowls together -- can they make it four? The New England Patriots are favored to win their first Super Bowl since the end of the 2004 season. That capped a run of three championships in four years, which happened to be the most recent NFL dynasty. But are the Patriots quietly building another dynasty? New England is the only team to win back-to-back Super Bowls in the past dozen years. If any organization is consistent enough to pull it off, it's New England. Here are five reasons the Patriots have a chance to once again reach dynasty status: Reason No. 1: Patriots will beat the Giants Whoops! Did I reveal my prediction too soon? Oh well. There was no point in waiting. The Patriots will beat the Giants on Feb. 5 to win the fourth Super Bowl of the Bill Belichick era. This is not only revenge for the Patriots, this is double revenge. New England lost to New York during the 2011 regular season and in Super Bowl XLII. Teams simply don't beat New England three times in a row. Belichick and Tom Brady are too good and too locked in to allow it. New England's defense is also playing much better in the postseason. New York has looked impressive in wins over the Atlanta Falcons , Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers . But New England will present some unique matchup problems and will attack New York's 29th-ranked pass defense. The Patriots also have allowed just one sack in two playoff games. If the Patriots' pass protection is successful, the Giants are toast. A lot of people, particularly in the AFC East blog, have criticized my Patriots predictions all season. But I have been right about them every single time. New England was my Super Bowl pick in August, and I've never wavered. The Patriots will win Super Bowl XLVI over the Giants, which will give them a chance to repeat and begin to chase dynasty status next season. Reason No. 2: Brady shows no signs of slowing down Last week we did a story on how much longer Brady can play at a high level. Everyone we spoke to says he still has several great years left in his Hall of Fame career. Brady, 34, had one of his best seasons in 2011. He threw for the second-most yards (5,235) in NFL history and finished with a passer rating of 105.6. He almost single-handedly carried the Patriots to an AFC East title and a No. 1 seed. Brady says he wants to play until he’s 40. That will be difficult. But after another great year, it’s hard to doubt him. It's safe to say Brady will be an elite quarterback for at least the next two or three seasons. Three years is just enough time for New England to make a run at multiple Super Bowls. The Patriots will be a strong contender as long as Brady is healthy. He’s had only one major injury his entire career. Reason No. 3: Patriots have draft capital and cap room Super Bowl XLVI Get all the news and commentary on the Patriots-Giants matchup on's Super Bowl Central. •  Clayton: 10 Super Bowl questions •  Takes: NFL Nation | Pats | Giants •  Playoff Centers: Patriots | Giants •  SportsNation: Who will win? •  Blog network: Patriots | AFC East | Giants | NFC East Guess which AFC East team has the most salary-cap room and first- and second-round picks this offseason? It’s the Patriots. Belichick has done a masterful job of fielding a championship-caliber team while simultaneously positioning New England well for the future. The Patriots have two first-round picks and two second-round picks thanks to previous trades. The Patriots also have approximately $20 million in cap room to spend in free agency. Expect most of those resources to go to New England's 31st-ranked defense. Belichick is a defensive-minded coach and I wouldn't be surprised if he spends at least three of those first four picks on that side of the football. That is where the Patriots need depth and impact players. Leading receiver and pending free agent Wes Welker will take up a chunk of New England's cap space, assuming he re-signs. But the Patriots can still add two or three difference-makers in free agency. A cover corner? A hard-hitting safety? A deep threat at receiver? The Patriots have the ability to plug all these holes next season. If this year's Patriots are good enough to win a championship despite their flaws, why can't next year's team? New England should be even better next season. Reason No. 4: AFC quarterbacks are average Name the elite quarterbacks in the NFL: Brady, Aaron Rodgers , Drew Brees and you might be able to throw Eli Manning 's name in the mix now. Most of the elite quarterbacks play in the NFC. This year's AFC playoff field included quarterbacks Tim Tebow , T.J. Yates , Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco . The overall quarterbacking in the AFC is average and lopsided compared to the NFC. That is a huge advantage for the Patriots. New England has arguably the only elite quarterback in the AFC. (We are taking the injured Peyton Manning out of the equation for now.) Brady's closest competition is Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers . Like Brady, Roethlisberger has won multiple Super Bowls. But years and injuries are piling up for Roethlisberger and the Steelers; they didn’t win a playoff game this season. The core in Pittsburgh is past its prime. Brady and the Patriots are fortunate they don't have to contend with quarterbacks like Rodgers and Brees, unless they reach the Super Bowl. In the AFC, they can continue to beat the Tebows and Flaccos of the world for the next few seasons. Reason No. 5: Young tight ends Contractually, Patriots stud tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez will be together for at least two more seasons. Both signed four-year contracts after being drafted together in 2010. Gronkowski and Hernandez are both 22 and already in the top 10 at their position. A case can be made that "Gronk" is the best at his position, although it’s safer to place him in the top three. As long as Gronkowski and Hernandez are together, New England’s offense will be hard to stop. Opponents have yet to figure out how to slow them down. Their development also made it easier for Brady to make quick reads and throws over the middle. That keeps the pass rush off Brady. There is no doubt that Gronkowski will be a Patriot for a very long time. He’s the better all-around tight end, and New England will offer Gronkowski a big contract extension in the next year or two. Hernandez’s case is a little more unpredictable. He’s clearly a No. 1 tight end, but how long will he be willing to play second fiddle? That’s clearly not an issue now. Both players are having fun learning and growing together. But two years from now, when Hernandez is in his prime and becomes a free agent, would he be willing to rejoin the Patriots as a No. 2 tight end? Also, can New England pay top-10 money to two players at the same position? But those questions are down the road. Right now, New England is four quarters from securing another Super Bowl win. Will a Super Bowl victory jump-start another Patriots dynasty?
    Posted by RustyGriswold

    Russ....  Think about it, less is better.  I am sure there is a lot of great stuff in this post but most folks are going to pass this by as too long.  Yes, really.
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    Re: Cris Carter

    Best answer for this is BB when asked this weekend about his fixing his D stats for the SB.

    "Stats don't matter much at the end of the game, the score does. Our plan is always to set up our team to out score the other guy, not to beat them on stats."