Criticism for Belichick is misguided

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    Criticism for Belichick is misguided

    I hate to post this, because all I keep saying is "move on" -- but this was interesting reading.

    The worst call of the final 2:08 of the Indianapolis Colts’ 35-34 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday wasn’t made by Bill Belichick.

    It came courtesy of head linesman Tom Stabile, who on the now-infamous fourth-and-2 attempt, ruled Patriots running back Kevin Faulk(notes) was juggling the pass until he landed on his back inside the 30-yard line.

    Replays show Faulk had jumped in the air and initially batted the ball up. Stabile could see that. Faulk, however, then cradled it into his chest as he planted one foot on each side of the 30 before being pushed down.

    Whether replay would have been conclusive enough to overrule Stabile’s call is unknown. The NFL may claim the call on the field would’ve stood, but who knows what would’ve been determined;_ylt=Aq_ooFNXrLaA7lcj.xm8K7w5nYcB?slug=dw-belichickpats111609&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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    Re: Criticism for Belichick is misguided

    By the time the refs had spotted the ball everyone at home had seen the replay in slow motion twice, the announcers saw the replay the people at the stadium saw it on the jumbotron.  The only person watching the game who only saw it once at full speed was the official making the call. 
    Football purists may disagree but if we have the technology to never get a call wrong, and do it at game speed why don't we do it?  Maybe that spot wouldn't change, but a lot of other bad calls would.