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    Re: Cunningham

    I think you are right. We do have more OLB's who are better at rushing than stuffing the run and that scares the snot out of me, especially since we don't have any dominant OLB's in the rushing category...meaning, we just don't have any dominant OLB's period.

    Cunningham is perhaps (without seeing him play a down yet) our best OLB in terms of ability in stuffing the run....if you believe that and combine it with what Russ pointed out via Reiss's comments ("looks like a natural dropping back into coverage"), then perhaps Cunningham is going to be getting a lot more playing time than any of us anticipate. If he is the "complete" OLB that we have been so desperately looking for, why not start him right away and make him a 3 down OLB if he can do both perhaps better than TBC and Burgess?

    If he has the physical tools to be a 3 down OLB, the only thing stopping him at this point is how quickly he can pick up the system. If he picks it up quickly, I would pick him to start over both TBC and Burgess based on what we have said on this post about his run stuffing, rushing and pass coverage ability. 

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    Re: Cunningham

    Had to dig a little deep to bring this thread back up. With Crable now gone and Burgess set to retire, doesn't Cunningham have way more value to this team now. This guy has to be, let me repeat that in caps, HAS TO BE, the guy at OLB this season.

    Tough shoes to fill for a rook...
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    Re: Cunningham

     Is anybody else out worried about Pats putting any pressure on the opposition

    Blind Freddie knows it's the big weakness in the team (followed by RB).

    Surely BB knew Crable was a problem and Burgess even if he stayed wasn't the answer nor is TBC. Perhaps he has his eye on a cast off from another team????
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    Re: Cunningham

    From what I hear he's been getting a lot of first team reps. The team will really be depending on him to perform this year with Crable out and a most likely retiring Burgess.