Cushing Out for Season

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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

    It hurts to lose one of your top player no matter what team it is. That being said, it's one guy. The better teams will still be good even when that have a few injuries.

    No doubt in my mind that the Texans will be there at the end, and in order to make it to the SB, most likely it will take beating Houston to do it.

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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

    Hello all!

    I thought it was more interesting that the Jets threw the kitchen sink this early in the season (fake punt, on-side kick, etc) at the Texans, and it didn't matter.


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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

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    I wasn't impressed with the Texans after watching the game. For all the talk about how great they are, they struggled to beat a depleted/injured NY Jets team? Who have they played? Their soft schedule will come back to haunt them come playoffs!

    You weren't impressed?!!  HUrlie is scared of them!  Didn't you hear? NE at home should be "scared" of Houston. Our Pats are a mediocre team! Didn't you hear?

    Well I'm not scared like the origanal Alien scared, or Clive Barker's Hell Raiser scared, but yeah they are undefeated for a reason. Anyone that watches football understands they have a very good defensive front and can put points on the board (that's probably over your head - you still complain for three weeks after Brady throws a pick). Speaking of Brady - he's got one pick for the season...none too shaby. When you were clamoring for Mallett to start after the game he threw the pick in, did you invision Mallett doing better? Oh do tell!!

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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

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    The Texans were exposed last night.  They are a product of their weak schedule.  Their offence consists of an old WR and a RB.....that's it.  They won last night because the Jets are a complete disaster.  Don't let some Giant troll who hangs out on a Patriot board tell you otherwise.

    spoken like a pats blowhard..."exposed"! yeah based on one game. amazing...cherry pick whatever helps ur agenda, texans still 5-0 and gonna be real tough, esp at home...

    besides, t cal, u ought to have more attention for my observations; after all I do know a possible champion when I see one I have a little experience with that sort of thing  :  )

    Wow...another shot at us Pats fans by a Gi Aint's fan who loves hanging out on a Patriots forum. This is probably the only reason your still here. I doubt if SB 42 and 46 ended differently you would still grace us with your presence! Stay classy Jints

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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

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    Thats why i do not want an 18 game season. Too many stars get hurt as it is. I guess you could say the Baltimore loss was a moral victory. Pollard didn't manage to mangle anyone.

    Feel the Same.

    Be nice to see that dirt bag Pollard get a broken leg and arm though.

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    Re: Cushing Out for Season

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    You can't deny the insane amount of talent they have on their roster, with or without Cushing.

    They are a legit team.

    And J.J. Watt is a beast with 12 inch frying pans for hands.

    agreed, i saw them as teh team to beat going into the year. that jsut got a littll eeasier with cushing out.