In Response to Re: Cut OCHO NOW:
In Response to Re: Cut OCHO NOW : Is Mankins dead to him? No. Calling the owner a liar with no honor and blowing off half a season is okay, but saying you love the team and want to be signed and stay makes you dead to him. What a f'n joke.
Posted by BabeParilli

I don't think the Mankins situation had anything to do with Belichick.  It was business, and between Mankins and Kraft.  They worked out the issues between them, and when Mankins signed his contract he was committed to the team and, as he always does, worked his butt off.

Mankins kept the business side of the game away from the field.  Moss followed an exhilirating opening day win with a bizarre press conference about his contract situation.  His on-field performance was clearly affected.  Other than the 1-handed grab that everybody remembers (and I will contend to the day that I die that it was the greatest catch I've ever seen), Moss did NOT play well last season.  He, unlike Mankins, allowed his contract discontent to affect his on-field performance.

You can compare the two if you'd like, but Moss does not look any better for the comparison.