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    We don't have a #3 and there are some really good backs in the draft and some decent FAs.  I keep reading gift picks for certain players, those picks were part of properly planning for the future not to put multiple picks on one player.
    D Williams is a great player but I don't want to see multiple picks go.  We need to add players all over the place, need every pick we have.  2nd could get you a decent RT or Guard even a center or any number of d players which we are in need off. 
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     I agree with Pats7393, great back, but we need the picks. I'd like to see the Pats draft a hammer like Gerhart. It would only cost one pick and they would still be able to get some help for the OL and a pass rusher.
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    No way. I would rather draft a running back or possibly someone else. This RB by committe and an old committe at that is not working. 

    Personally, I would trade the pick we got from Oakland in 2011 and see if we can cash it in next year. What would it be worth?..A 2010 1st round, or possible 2 2010 2nd rounders?