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Dallas Clark to NE?

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    Re: Dallas Clark to NE?

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    Ballard and Sudfeld may not be Gronk and Hern,  but they'd be the best duo in the AFC East. No need to go sign wash ups.


    Aaron Dobson # 17; Tom Brady's new best friend.


    What is that based on? Sudfeld may not even make the team. Last year the Patriots carried 4 TEs on the 53-man roster for most of the year (Gronk, Hern, Hoomanawanui, and Fells) and dressed 3 for most games. Right now, there are 7 on the 90-man roster (that counts Gronk and Hern). 


    Secondly, how did Ballard it seems like our opinion of Ballard has grown and grown in his year off from football. He was an average NFL TE in 2011. Nothing more. He has potential, but that may be all he ever is. His 2011 numbers are comparable to guys like Chandler in Buffalo and Keller (now) in Miami.



    Sure, ballards only season with more than ZERO catches (2011), he had 38.  Keller had 65... pretty much the same thing.




    Except Dustin Keller sucks. If he had 65 receptions in one season, those were the most meaningless and inconsequential receptions of any TE in the NFL. lol


    He was such a bust for the Jets, they didn't want him back, and for good reason.

    Actually, Keller's stats over the last three years are comparable to Hernandez's (other than TDs). Hernadez average one more catch per game, but a little less (just over a yard) per catch:


    40 - 148 - 1819 - 12


    38 - 175 - 1956 - 18

    No to mention that before he hurt his hamstring this season he played in every game the first four years of his career. 8 missed games in 5 years versus 10 in three years for Hernandez. 

    I am pretty sure the Jets would have loved to resign him if they had the money and were not the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

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    Re: Dallas Clark to NE?

    Well I think I figured out why Winslow left the team...Hernandez stuck a blade in him and said, "you catch another pass and I'll keep going until my elbow hits your rib cage".

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    Re: Dallas Clark to NE?

    New plan for the 2013 season, Run the Damn Ball !!!! If this is the case then Ballard is a top 5 TE.

    He would be the perfect blocking TE in a run first offense! Ridley,Vereen,Blount,Washington,Bolden, and here is a surprise Winn.