Dallas to release T.O?

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    Dallas to release T.O?


    And to top it all off Grogan if TO had played for the Pats this year when Brady went down do you think he would have been as quiet as Moss was all year? All the haters said as soon as Cassel stopped getting Moss the ball he would blow up but it never happened do you think TO would have kept quiet all season? nope he would not have, and there is no sure thing saying Brady plays next season so if we signed TO he might not be playing with the best QB in the league he might be playing with Matt Cassel and maybe Cassel hits a wall and has some growing pains and maybe TO makes it worse and makes a show of it and starts acting like the punk he has always been. Too many what if's when it comes to signing TO and he is not worth the time.

    MVP, the way I view any topic is to look at all the facts. I'm not saying I'm a T.O. fan, but I can't agree that T.O. is a team cancer. Everywhere he's played he has made his teams better. Without T.O. the teams were never as good the year after. If T.O. was keeping the team from performing better than we should have seen improvement just after he left but they all got worse. S.F. really dropped hard and the Eagles were terrible just after his departure. The point is his criticism's of those teams was justified.

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    Dallas to release T.O?

    Not just "No!", buit "Hell, NO!". This yahoo is in this for himself, like a selfish stripper. Proof? He wails that all he wants to do is win, yet sets his destructive course once he signs and gets pockets full of money. In SF, he threw his QB under the bus and forced his way out of town AFTER the Niners made the playoffs (BTW, Garcia was All Pro). Next, she takes her game to Philthydelphia. What happens? Eagles go to the Super Bowl, she once again throws her QB (another Pro Bowler) under the bus, and forces her way out of town. She next lands in Dallas for more pockets full of cash. Team goes to the playoffs, and here she is AGAIN throwing the QB (what? ANOTHER Pro Bowler) under the bus. Anyone besides me see a consistent thread in her actions? Not only is he dissing his Pro Bowl cal;iber QB's, but he's doing it as/when/after the team gets to teh playoffs. So much for her halfazzed claim of "just wanting to win."

    Like Barry Boinds, TO is nothing more than a huge distraction in any locker room, only seeking out attention. Look at her drug overdose in Dallas, when things were going "right". She wouldn't be happy as a WR on teh World Champion Pop Warner team, as she'll undoubtedly claim that Jimmie teh QB likes Stevie the TE more then he likes TO. Then, she'll take her Wii and XBox360 and leave the team, but not before crushing all the juice boxes in the cooler and squeezing all the orange slices dry.

    Is there a strip club in Atlanta TO can work at, especially on Packman Night (promo whereby if you bring a known thug with you, you get in for 1/2 the cover charge, and can avoid the gun shots).
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    Dallas to release T.O?

    [Quote]Okay, this is the problem I see with all the T.O. haters. While T.O. may have a big mouth, isn't T.O. just calling it like it is? Is Wade Phillips a great head coach? Is Tony Romo living up to the Hype? Didn't Dallas D suck bigtime this year. All I'm saying is T.O. just saying the truth. Maybe if he played with a Superbowl Coach and the Best QB in the league he wouldn't be so inclined to voice his opnions. People said the same thing about Moss, but as we can see he has tremendous respect for BB and Co.[/Quote]

    Gee, why did you ommit her antics in Philthydelphia? Seems to me that team went to teh Super Bowl. Stop excusing the drama queen's antice. She's a distraction.