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This Irish drunk mic needs to either STOP drinking or stop writing. Why the he-l would you give Houston any more incentive if your a Patriots fan/writer? Someone needs to tell this POS to shut the F up! He doesn't even play!!!!!!  I'm not liking the bravado talk going in to this game by the writers--it just fuels the flame for the Texans. I still think the Pats win but why rile a team up--and what pis_es me off is it's not the guys who are going to play?

Haha oh Lord.  At first, I thought you were referring to me!

But I really wouldn't stress too much about it, man.  It's the playoffs.  If you need more incentive to win a playoff game, you shouldn't be playing in the first place.  It all comes down to execution.  Once the opening kickoff commences, all of this rhetoric doesn't mean squat.

And my favorite Irish Blended Whiskey is Tullamore Dew.