Daniel Fells to the Pats?

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    Daniel Fells to the Pats?

    According to ESPN, he is reportedly negotiating a posible deal with the Pats.  If it means anything, Reiss thought he was a better fit than Crumpler and he is only 26.

    So what’s next for New England?

    Per Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, the Patriots are closing in on a deal with free agent tight end Daniel Fells(notes).

    The 6’4”, 272-pound Fells caught 21 passes for 273 yards with three touchdowns in 2009 for the St. Louis Rams. A three-year veteran out of California-Davis, Fells is used primarily as a blocker.

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    Re: Daniel Fells to the Pats?

    Love this move. Great move. I said it another post just a few minutes ago and I'll say it again: overall, I think the Patriots are the biggest winners this off-season up to this point. The Bears made "sexier" moves but unless Peppers can catch passes from Cutler, they're still behind Minnesota and Green Bay who are pass-oriented teams. We've basically KEPT our "rebuilding" team from last year (and maintaining that chemistry) and we're going into the draft with a great set of picks. At the end of the draft, the pundits (and most of the REAL Patriots fans) will be singing a different tune. The Pats will be the clear winners this off-season. It's already looking great.