Danny Amendola Signs

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    Re: Danny Amendola Signs

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    Lloyd was so good he's essentially earned a ticket out of town.  

    The question isn't whether Welker will be better elsewhere, but whether he will be good enough?  I'd imagine he'll be quite an upgrade over Brandon Stokely, who at 36, and after essentially a year off managed 45 catches.  

    The other question is will the pats be better off without him?  

    Also, how do you square that the pats paid Amendola more than Welker got?  It's been common knowledge on this board that Amendola isn't as good as Welker and is injury prone.  Why would the pats pay more if Amendola wasn't better?  


    He makes under 4 mil in 2013 with his stats likely to go up in 2013 barring him not being here with an upgrade.


    How are those numbers with Gronk, Ballard, Hernandez and now Amendola supposed to be worse?

    He's a bargain. I don't buy this release Lloyd talk. Yes, he was good, and he can be better.

    Amendola is YOUNGER and got less guaranteed, moron. That means NE has more money to place elsewhere to help, you know, the TEAM.

    Christ, I am thrilled this offense is now back to how it used to be where Brady didn't have a favorite or favorites and have still a load of cap space to boot.



    How's he make under 4 million with a 10 million signing bonus?  Riddle me that.


    I don't know what Amendola's 1st yr salary is but assuming its about 4 million, if he doesn't work out and the pats cut him after a year, then his hit is 14 million. 

    I am not saying Amendola is a bad pick, but his learning curve is going to be substantial whereas Welker was a sure thing. 

    Further, I don't really understand this angst about his and Brady's comfort with each other.  As you noted Lloyd (a first year player on the team) had 75 catches.  Then there's Gronkowski and Hernandez and Branch.  What Welker did was extraordinary for this team.  Not saying Amendola won't be the same, but not next year.


    There's no riddle. Lloyd is a 4 mil WR in 2013.  Christ, are you stupid and jealpus or what?


    Welker was a "sure thing" going from Cleo Lemon and two dract picks and Amendola leading the NFL in yards in 2010 not costing picks?

    You don't get that BB is changing is offense a bit more. It will be even more removed from the Welker base in 2012.

    You just don't get it.

    No, I'm einstein compared to you, or at least lucid.  You can't even stay on topic.  The money conversation we engaged in was about Amendola not Lloyd.  Lay off the pipe. 

    so the pats are evolving/changing.  How will Brady do with this "change"?  What's the learning curve for everyone with this change?  Will the pats be better or worse next year on offense?  How old's Brady?

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