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Danny an improvement over Welker

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    Re: Danny an improvement over Welker

    In response to Eldunker's comment:

    Welker started dropping catchable passes two seasons ago and he dropped even more last season.  I think BB smelled something.

    From what I have sen from Danny so far, I am impressed by every aspect of his game.  If he can stay healthy, he will be a stud and make us not only forget Welker, but we'll be thanksful that we let Welker go as he drops passes and limps through a disappointing season with Denver... and Danny catches keys passes, (as in doesn't drop a SB winning catch) and wins us a super bowl.  

    and u know this after exactly two pre-season games?

    from their careers so far Danny can't carry Welker's jock

    ps: love how he is now first name basis "Danny"

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    Re: Danny an improvement over Welker

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    1. Amendola can be effective in the shotgun or under center. This is clear already through 2 preseason games.

    2. Amendola can line up anywhere and be effective. Welker could not.

    3. Amendola is a better red zone target. He's at least 2 inches taller.

    4. Amendola drops the ball less and he's never played with a QB of Brady's caliber.

    5. Amendola is FASTER than Welker. THe opps for YAC are much greater. Welker may be quicker, but he's not faster after the catch.




    OMG!  How lame and misleading can you be?


    1.  Hahahaha, based on 2 preseason games how many reps and catches is that?  7 catches.  Hahahaha!

    2. Um, please show me where there is a stat that shows that?  Welker has lined up a higher % outside since 2009 then Amendola has and Welker had more success.  FACT!

    3. Are you kidding me?  2 inches?  He is still under 6 feet.  Amendola has a career 7 td's!  And one of those was from a fake field goal where nobody was around him.  He was all by himself in the endzone.

    4. I will take Welkers drops, games played, yards and receptions over Amendola's any day. 

    5. Oh, and this one is the greates....Amendola Opps for YAC is much greater!  Bwahahahahaha!  So now we are accepting opportunities as a stat.  Bwahahahaha!  You are lame dude.  Watch Amendola, he goes down way to easy after contact, maybe he is afraid to get hurt.  And Amendola's YAC is not even close to Welkers over the last 2 years.

    Come on Rusty, this is your whole problem.  You are assuming things.  You have ZERO facts to back up your claims.  I provide actual TRUE facts.  You are a fraud!  Now if you posted something saying you think Amendola COULD be better and then provide some legit info to why you think that then we wouldn't have a problem.  But when you make posts like this, making assumptions based your agenda, then it exposes you as an all out fraud.  You fail dude!  You are a troll and I just proved it.... AGAIN!  



    I will not take welker's drops.  no sir.  and i'm not helper we went and got welker 2.0 it doesn't win games against good Ds


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    Re: Danny an improvement over Welker

    I just think its way too early to tell right now, in a perfect world yes, Amendola is younger, probably faster, bigger and will stay healthy to go on to catch 90-110 balls for us over the next 8 years. Of course realistically you can also say if Amendola has proven anything at all in his career, it's that he'll get hurt and be a none factor. And realistically you can say Welker will stay on the field most every week, giving it everything he has and producing at a pro bowl level.

    I hope Amendola catches 80 balls for us, gives us a more dynamic option, helps change the offense and doesn't drop a single ball in the playoffs on our way to another Super Bowl title. That could happen, it really could. He also may not make it past October, especially if they are going to feed him like they did against Tampa - that's what I don't want to see.