Darren Howard anyone?

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    Darren Howard anyone?

    What do you think of the pats bringing in Darren Howard. He has 16.5 sacks the last two seasons and still has some left in the tank at 33. He is 6'3" and 260 which is almost ideal size for Belichick's system. He would be a good situational pass rusher and could fill in the hole left behind by the disappointing Derek Burgess. Thought?
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    Re: Darren Howard anyone?

    Well I would think he'd come in and be the starter, there's no way AT is staying and peirre woods got the lowest tender possible.  The idea for the Pats would be he's a good locker/veteran guy who can start on the short term and work with the rookies we draft.  As soon as a rookie could take his spot he would be cut salary depending as if he comes cheap he can back up/rotate.  This only works if he plays at a reasonable (not cheap)  salary and more important isn't looking for more than a year guaranteed so we aren't handcuffed to him for more than a year.  For Howard he gets a chance to play for a super bowl contender, not really sure if that works for him, at 33 maybe he is trying to get his last decent "contract".  Couldn't blame him for that.