DARREN MCKEE:"WELKER really hates it here in DENVER, his soul clearly still belongs in FOXBORO!"

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    is this where you start your wavering on who will win, pick both teams back and forth, and then after the game say you "nailed it"?


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    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    Could you imagine Danny Ainge leaving Boston to go play with Magic Johnson and then getting a standing ovation when he sulks back with his legs between his tail? 

    Ainge was never that popular as a Celtic, not embraced like the big three or some other guys. He left for Phoenix as I recall, I don't think too many people cared that much. We're not talking Larry Bird.

    Besides football is totally different. Some people still want Seymour back. Fine with me if he can help, I couldn't care less what he said about BB or whoever. I'm not sure Welker has much left in the tank, but if there was a role for him in Foxboro, I'd take him back.

    Can't use Bird because Bird is the metaphorical Brady to Peyton's metaphorical Magic. Use any one of the the big three leaving to go play with Magic and then saying "I'm not happy in LA, I want to come back." when the Celtics offered more money potentially, more years. 


    Seymour is a different story, Seymour was traded and tried to fight to stay. Welker walked away by his own accord. 

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    Do you think that's why he gave the game away 8 weeks ago? 

    It looked a little fishy to me. I think they should sit him this Sunday. I don't trust him, Brady, or BB. This is probably a new scam they came up with to make it to the Superbowl.

    Once a cheater.... Always a cheater. 





    So you are talking about Denver right?  They cheated in a much worse fashion than the Patriots did with SpyGate.




    Funny how the hack who wrote this conveniently forgets about the Broncos’ own, real scandal, which was ten times worse.  How they got caught violating the salary cap to the tune of $29 million.  The one where the league took a draft pick away and fined them almost a million bucks.  That would be the same scandal that had Al Davis calling for an asterisk for their two Super Bowls and a suspension for their owner.  Without those salary cap violations, the owner and GM John Elway would have zero Super Bowls, as God intended.  That is real cheating on a major scale.  Not just some low level assistant pointing a camera at a sidelines.