these 2 seem to have a lot in common. like the same moral compass or total lack thereof. i m not into pittsburgh or mr. roethlisberger but it certainly appears that this dude got simply railroaded by this gold-digging opportunist. it really stinks because it will ultimately setback the women who are actually raped and need to to be taken seriously. ms. mcnulty will for the indefinite future, very unfortunately, now become the face of the "typical" rape or sexual abuse accuser. i m sure pitino would b more than interested to properly compensate her to come to the back of restaurants of her choosing to lift up her skirt in the toilet area. they are both "devout" catholics so there u go.... something else in common (in faith no less). in the worse case scenario of an inconvenient pregnancy, he would bankroll the termination and of course she wont b willing to risk all that bloatg and throwg up stuff for 9 months. he's not into all that romantic dating thing and she seems perfectly content to just make up one in her head. she's not exactly the standard of attractiveness or beauty and he doesnt necessarily come off as being that picky or complexed. he's channeling bill clinton... long as there is a pulse, a hole, and she's barely legal... he's in!!!