Kenbrell Thompkins is the story of camp.  He'll probably make the #4 wide receiver behind Dobson, Amendola and Julian Edelman.  Brady really needs receivers too. 

Dobson was wide open all day?  Now that's a find!  Brady really needs receivers.

So far, Tebow hangs onto the ball for 5-7 seconds.  That's a reason for him not making the team.  Sanchize disease may be incurable, once you have it.  Too bad, he would have been an ok third string quarterback too.  If Brady were out, Tebow could take the obvious running plays and Mallett could take the obvious passing plays.  That would drive defenses nuts.  I give Tim Tebow a 20% chance of being cut this very week, but I'm guessing that he gets some more time to possibly straighten out.  He's only getting paid $1000/day, and that's peanuts in this league.