DB's Not On The Ball

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    DB's Not On The Ball

    In recent years there seems to be a serious issue where our DB's are always in on the play to make a tackle but never seem to be in position to actualy deflect or disrupt the catch.
    What i have read so far in preseason this does not seem to change, I keep hearing that they are in position but lacking the agressiveness needed to stop the catch, except possibley Moore who I have read is so far looking like the top guy on the ball.

    I am starting to think that this has something other than personnel at it's heart. There have been to many guys coming and going in recent years that didn't work out. Butler I see as a good example.

    McCourty was agressive as a rookie and then regressed. Why?

    Is this coaching- BB stresses positional defense over gambling? Solid tackles and soft zones to not give up the big play.

    Is this just a lack of talent.

    I have a new possible theory. Our offense is too good and too experienced in practice and this translates mentaly on game day in the minds of our young inexperienced DB's.

    If you are always going up against Wes Welker and Tom Brady, Deion Branch, Kevin Faulk ect.. They are too good and always crisp and on point. No defense in the league can stop them. In practice you don't want to look bad, you know you are always goign to get beat, and you never have a chance at an errant throw or a bad route to make a play on and build confidence.

    Our DB's learn that there agressiveness will not pay off in practice and instead focus on being in the right spot to make a tackle and stop the play dead where the catch was made. This is smart when you go up against a Welker/Brady duo and something other teams can't accomplish on game day but when we play another team on Sunday our guys have to realize that often they are going up against inferior passers and less crisp route runners who if they do gamble a bit more in there agressiveness they will find they can get there hands on alot more passes for the deflection.

    A good offense is supposed to be something good to practice against but just maybe ours is too good.
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    2 years ago we had 24 turnovers.  i'm not worried about the coaching of our DB's. i am concerned with health and pressure on opposing qb's.  I also would like to see a harrisonesque safety who can stay healthy
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    If it is the coaching that stresses solid tackling fundementals and limits the agressiveness of DB's to break up passes then that's not a problem. Our coaches know more than me and the media.
    I think the media perception and that of the majority of fans is that we have had bad talent or too small of DB's come through here this last 5 years and that is why we have allowed a larger percentage of conversions. I know Pass Rush is also a talked about reason.
    With my own eyes I see alot of first year guys come into our defense and they flash agressiveness and break hard to disrupt catches but then after time they seem to be a step late on plays, let the catch be made and just wrap up the guy.

    We, fans and media, then sour on this player and look for there release.

    I do not think BB really wants his players to less agressive on the ball and our guys are high draft picks so you hope they have talent.

    I am looking for another reason our DB's may lose there flash on the field after they get established. It seems logical that the repeated beatings they take in practice from our first team may have an adverse effect in the subconsious mind come game day.
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    The DB's led the league in INT's the season before last, they were 2nd last year with their starting right corner out with an injury after week 2, the players in front of them got little to no pass rush until late in the season and even then it was inconsistent.  

    What I'm saying is can we leave the DB's alone, at least until the season starts?
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    I am happy with the DB's we have on the team and excited to see some improved play this year.
    My reason for starting this was the fact I keep reading media reports and posts talking about how the DB's are still not looking agressive in practice this off season. Others are not leaving it alone and that was bugging me.

    As for int's I will add that many look to me to be scheme related were we confuse the offense and that translates into a pass sailing into a lane where our guys are waiting. This is good coaching. I have not seen the individual effort type of picks were we out fight an opponent for the ball. McCourty made these kind of plays his rookie year and it was a reason we were so excited about him. Last year we didn"t see it and i do not think it was because of lost talent or lack of effort, injury, pass rush, or bad coaching.
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    DBs get beat on every team every game.
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    lol, I am happy everybody is so positive.

    All the media wants to talk about when it comes to our issues is the yards allowed last year and the concerns they have with our secondary.

    I am not concerned and from the few posts so far it looks like DB's are far down the list of things we need to worry about.

    I am not sure what we do need to worry about though...OL seems like a hot topic but that doesnt concern me ( except maybe tonight with Brady in there to start the game )

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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    Yards allowed is an important statistic because the more yards you give up the better your record will be. The three best teams by regular season records were also the top (bottom) in yards allowed. The fourth best (worst) team in yards allowed won the Super Bowl.

    32 Green Bay Packers 15-1    
    31 New England Patriots 13-3
    30 New Orleans Saints 13-3
    29 New York Giants
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    3 years ago there was a lot of talk about how BB didn't know how to use TE's because Ben Watson had the talent to be Tony Gonzalez or something. Maybe BB forgot how to coach DB's. Maybe the guys in the secondary aren't very good. Maybe they'll be better. There are also some unrealistic expectations. Haven't heard one good thing about them on here after the Saints passed for 185 yards total, Brees was 1-4. The Saints who set a yardage record last year. And grabbed 2 INT's. Then the next day I hear how Chung was bad.
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    Re: DB's Not On The Ball

    Our DB's will be a lot better this year because they won't have to cover for 10 seconds a play. Our pass rush will fix it. If we can get thru the preseason with out anymore major injurys this should be a fun D to watch.
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