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Oh no! It's another wasted draft pick. BB is horrible at drafting. The End is Near!

RESPONSE: LOL!!! Yet another idiot homer rears his head from the sand. Deaderick was far from a "wasted pick". The guy contributed on the DL for a couple of years, before getting axed, in a move to cut salary and upgrade. That's that's a pretty fair return for a guy who was a late 7th round pick...but would be an unacceptable return for a second or third round pick. Heck...Deaderick gave the Pats far more production that did the 40th overall pick in the 2009 draft...alleged DT, Ron Brace. 

Deaderick was a 7th round pick, and was generally average-below average. Not a huge loss, even if he did play a lot of snaps last year.

RESPONSE: Again...this is an acceptable return for a late 7th round pick...but not for a 2nd or 3rd rounder. 



Irony doesn't work well in writing, I guess. But try reading my first line in that perspective.


Nor, I'm guessing, would it work well in spoken form when dealing with certain forum participants.