I agree with some here that a cb  or safety before the trade deadline would make the most sense. If one can't be had, why stop there? We should be thinking about improving the team overall. Does Bowe do that? Yes...he is costly no doubt, but a receiving threat the pats don't have. All of our talent plays and excels in the same part of the field. Lloyd is not a long threat. A lot of this would depend on what the plans are for Welker and how they are going to use Hern and Edelman going forward. I would be for this move because I think between Hern and edelman, you have enough capability in the slot. You add a big body WR who can play outside and stretch , plus you have Ballard coming back next year as well. I think Bowe guy like like him adds more diversity to this offense and I am for that. he is a big bodied WR that can block as well. Now you couldpout on the field Bowe out wide, Hern in the slot, Gronk at one TE, Ballard at he other, riDley in the backfield with vereen. That is a much bigger lineup than can catch and block better than today. Everyone is a receiving threat, and all very good blockers. Basically what we did is swap Welker for Bowe in terms of cash. Everyone else is on the roster. Lloyd is a backup or dumped, also we have Edelman and demps could be groomed to play RB, slot our out wide. That is a pretty solid lineup.