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Dear AH ...Good Riddance

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    Dear AH ...Good Riddance

    MY 2 CENTS :

    1) HERNANDEZ = Overrated

    Good hands /  Great YAC / Only so-so Blocker 

    Wasn't Canton-bound 

    Relied too much on QB's excellence ( Brady even made Jermaine Wiggins look good  )


    2) Immature on-field behavior

    Hated the way he would occasionally show-boat on his way to end zone ( high stepping)

    Refs took notice too ( even got flagged 4 it )


    3) Injury prone

     I'd rather have a good TE that shows up every week -

    then a very good one that can't be counted on to suit up .


    I can honestly say that I never truly bought into AH being Patriot material .

         Always been waiting for the other shoe to drop (tho figured it would be drugs / alchohol related )

       When Gronk got his big payday I thought Hernandez might start acting out ( jealousy ) and admittedly I was happy that BB quickly moved to  appease him with a new contract .


    Hopefully  , AH didn't actually pull the trigger and at worst is only guilty of obstruction .



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    Re: Dear AH ...Good Riddance

    I sincerely doubt the Patriots will be a better team without Aaron Hernandez.

    I find it amusing that these threads pop up immediately after the departure of a certain player.

    Welker leaves, and we hear about how our offense will be better without him. (That's actually something I could buy into).

    Moss leaves, and we hear how much better our offense will be without him.

    Ditto, when Gronk gets injured, or any player for that matter.

    It's a self-satisfying idea. Most of us are optimistic; thus, we look for positives, and attempt see a favorable outcome resulting from the situation.

    Will the Patriots be a better team without Hernandez? I have no idea. We will have to wait and see. Something that isn't debateable, though, is that the Patriots have lost an incredibly talented and versatile player. Hernandez could line up anywhere on the field, beat any player who lined up across from him, and allowed this offense to do a bunch of different things. 

    Same could not be said for Welker, who in my opinion, while dependable, tough, and a good citizen, was an incredibly limited player. 

    We shall see what happens, but in terms of talent, this offense just took a major hit.



    Let's go Pats!

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    Re: Dear AH ...Good Riddance

    Agree with the good riddance. Tragic all around.  I don't give a rat's a in the debate about AH talent at this point.  Very disturbing behaivor by AH after the murder. Whattever the charges- the thug had to go.

    Challenging and shocking "off" season for the Pat's offense.

    The player I will miss the most in a Pat's jersey this coming season is Wes Welker. Meantime I expect the Pat's to continue to be major contenders with a fire in their belly.

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    Re: Dear AH ...Good Riddance

    #1 -- this seems entirely moot to me. Don't most great receivers rely on quarterbacks to make them look good, and accentuate their talents?

    #2 -- fair enough, although this seems minor in the grand scheme of things.

    #3 -- fair point.

    The remainder of your post seems rather silly, to be honest. With all due respect, I doubt you were lying in bed awake, just waiting for Hernandez to get himself into trouble. By all accounts he seemed like he had adapted to his new lifestyle, and had no off-field concerns. 



    Let's go Pats!

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