Dear Breer and Shaughnessy,

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    Dear Breer and Shaughnessy,

    You two are the sole reason why I have canceled my subscription to the Globe (not just saying it, I'll give you proof it you want it ;-) ) and why I only come to this site for the forum, and I hardly even do that anymore.

    Your lame "apology" articles this morning where you try to use the "aw shucks" approach have only made me hate you both even more.

    Most of the readers and posters on here do not need to read articles all day drenched in "homerism". But we don't need to be spat on either. Your blatant quest to kick the Pats and most importantly the fans, while we were down was just plain gross.

    "Peyton's better, there I said it"

    My 12 year old neighbor who writes sports stories for his junior high paper has more talent then either of you two poor excuses for sports journalists.

    There I said it.

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    Re: Dear Breer and Shaughnessy,

    I was going to start my own thread on this but you summed it up thank you for that.

    Add to it Mazz's lame story about the loss hurting mannings legacy....

    what a bunch of no-brain lemming mentality no-orignal-thought writers the globe has.  I'm sure the editor forced them to write detractions after all the backlash they got from the Pats fans AND the lame showing by their annointed one.  Nothing, and I mean nothing they write from now on will be taken seriously.