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Dear Underdoggg...

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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    I can't help but to see the bias in your perspective, especially given that you probably didn't watch every colts game so you really couldn't know how the players played.  You just see the outcome and make your judgment.

    I've had the NFL package for 5 years. I watch a lot of games. Manning wasn't released to practice until December. I was hoping the Colts would lose all 16, but alas they pulled a win or 2 out of their butts so they wouldnt go down in history like the Lions.
    So tell me...  when did Manning start throwing? When did he start taking first team reps in practice. Cause as we all know when you have a player like that you keep them on the roster so they might be able to play in week 15, 16 or 17.
    I dont think you'll accept the fact that the Colts laid down just like they did when they had the chance for the perfect season. Old habits are hard to break.
    Your just being a homer now.
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    Homerism at it's finest,
    Fact is Dogg, there have been questions about the Colts tanking since week 2.
    Google it if you don't believe me.
    Why did they bring a relic out of retirement and expect that would help.
    Why didn't they get Orton, who surely could have won some games and would have been a cheaper option than the relic.  Because that gave them the best option to win????? LOL
    Why did Polian scout Luck in the spring before the season started and a full year before he would be eligible?
    How about this: Polian's son, Brian, is Stanford's assistant special teams coordinator, so there is a family connection with the university and the Colts.

    Week 2 questions and thoughts, dogg.  Week 2!!!
    Like I said, it was scripted from the beginning.
    But, yes, everyone who believes this to be the case; Peter King ect ect ect... are all biased.  The only one who isn't is you.
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    What would the point be to waste a roster spot on a guy that might be able to practice in week 15,16 or 17? If he has a neck injury you shut him down and let him heal.

    Polian said he won't play on Dec 18th

    Why not put him on IR? When your a 1 win team you would relish another roster spot no matter how late in the season.. well if you were trying. I would think that a 1 win team would not like to be playing 52 on 53.

    But hey... you spin it how ever you want. Just like when the Colts quit on the perfect season. There were some fancy excuses when that happened. Hopefully now Manning is not part of the team he can tell us what really happened. I'd think after picking your pockets of 28M there might be some bitterness.
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...


      Irsay wakes up today with a change of heart .

     Calls Peyton and tells him that he and Indy just can't live w/o him .

     They will offer him a new 4 year deal .

     They will trade the Luck pick to the highest bidder .

     They will re-sign Reggie Wayne / Pierre Garcon .

     In short -

    Wonder what Manning's answer would be ?

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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

     I am going suggest that seeing him throw before the end of the season was critical to their evaluation and decision to release him. 

    They saw him throw and then they said he wont play. Are you suggesting that they couldnt have taken someone from the practice squad to give them some live reps to evaluate what they have? From what I read they were shutting down Manning for the rest of the season. Tell me I'm wrong. So you think that just leaving a roster spot open makes sense? This isnt sand lot football its a multi billion dollar industry. If I was hurt you can sure bet my boss would replace me with someone.

    If they didn't try to even upgrade slightly from the practice squad then they quit. If you think I'm the kind of person who "punches" on a message forum then your wrong. I dont dislike you or the Colts but Colts management I do have a problem with. Irsay just looks like a slime to me. He not only screwed Manning he screwed your fans. Kind of like he did when he squeezed the city for a new stadium before the old one was even paid off. Thats MikeBrown-esque if you ask me.
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...


    Wow, I promised to stay away from the board because of how upset I was with the Pats performance but I thought I'd see how you're doing?
    So...I see your're still with us so my first fear is put to bed, now......if Peyton decides to play again with another team will you be a Colt fan or a fan of wherever he goes?

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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    Mmm.. the colt's have been labeled as cheaters since at least 2004 with their Gm manipulating the rules to favor his high powered O.  Then there are the other problems of creating advantages that would favor them during the game.
    How about the accusations of zebra tampering which if googled would yield about a million results.
    What about the tanking the perfect season that has brought on scorn by not only fans of other teams but fans of the colts?
    What about fans of the colts actually advocating tanking the season?  Are they biased and stirring the pot?  What reason would your own fans have for advocating something that you say never happened?
    The colts tanked the season by not playing the best available players just as they did in 09. Caldwell was a puppet just following the rules of his leader.  His leader wanted Andrew Luck and did what ever he had to do to get him.
    There are also reports of the NFL considering a lottery system for the draft for this very reason and suggestions by many, that they should.

    You can spin all you want but that only results in you becoming more dizzy.
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    I appreciate the loyalty, it's sad to say but I appreciate Manning more now. The thought of him possibly not playing anymore sux. As much as I hate him on the field he's explosive to watch and good for the game. I certainly don't want him to go out like that...........I'd rather see him play outside in the AFC East so we can see just what a dome does for QB's.

    So......if Manning ends up facing the Colts who do you pull for?
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    In Response to Re: Dear Underdoggg...:
    God I love all the posters that come on here and say "Oh so and so should take a pay cut to stay if they love the team".  Give me a break.  No one on this board would take a pay cut.  Not only that but Football is a BUSINESS and as a player you better look out for yourself because the team will cut you in a heartbeat.
    Posted by Patsman3

    I actually HAVE done it.  So much for you being the fount of all information.  
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    In Response to Re: Dear Underdoggg...:
    In Response to Re: Dear Underdoggg... : You're reaching at best. The Colts were WAY beyond hope well before game #14 was played. There was absolutely no reason for them to even consider playing him if they were under .500 after 12 games. They have put players on IR for much lesser injuries, makes no sense NOT to do the same with Manning. I believe players can still work out with their teams, to rehab, but just can't play in live/scheduled games.   As I mentioned earlier, Stevie Wonder could see he wasn't going to play. He could have been evaluated under the guise of rehab. It's done that way. And, after 12 weeks, there was no NFL team trembling about having to face him later in the season. The world knew he was done for the year, except for you and the Colts. His staying on the active roster roster through week 14 was for exactly who's benefit? Certainly NOT Mannings! Your own words incriminate you, and I quote: I don't know how Irsay screwed Manning.  He paid him when he couldn't play.  Hmmmmm.... seems to me that even YOU admit that he was a no go for the season, yet for $20+ bazillion dollars, tieing up a roster spot AND cap space. Pay him and keep him on the roster and pay him to watch his progress in practice? I'd like to think you can do better than that whopper. As for his importance to teh league, I believe it's hiughly overrated. I also said the same about Favre when he was hyped 24/7/365, and Elway, and Emmit Smith, etc. Fact is there's ALWAYS the "next" guy out there to be the next (fill in the blank). The NFL survived long before the gleam shown off Manning's high forehead, or Elway's SB propellar flip, or Smith's rushing record. So, stop hanging onto the idea that the NFL world will stop, or should bow down to Manning, just because he won 4 MVP's. Doesn't work that way. It's clearly a "What have you done for me lately?" proposition. I don't want to get into the who screwed who game. Irsay knowing paid him a ton of money for NOT playing, despite common knowledge that he was damaged goods and unable to play (again, your words: monitor his progress in practice). Manning took the money KNOWING he was not going to play in 2011. (Please quite me the time when Ol' Pay A Ton ever said he was definitely going to play in the upcoming game. Thank you.) They deserve each other. I don't care if he stayed, retired, or goes to another team. To me, he's yesterday's news. I'm sure the national media hores will hype the heck out of where he's going, especially on slow news days. Then, then next BIG thing will be his first practice, his first live game, even if it's only exhibition, and then his first regular season game. You know, like watching little Jimmy grow up all over again. Then, unfortunately, it'll be his first injury with the new team, and then weeks of "will he play soon?", and finally, all the excuses inherent when the NExt Best Thing doesn't deliver a playoff sppt, SB slot, or championship. Now, where have we seen this before? Hmmmm.... does the name FAVRE mean anything to you? (Personally, I'll go on record by saying that if you do not have a domed stadium, you're out of the Pay A Ton Sweeps. That narrows he field a little, don't you think?) As for "conventions", I believe Indy was already hosting them well before Manning showed up. Please send us the site that will show how the convention business boomed after his arrival. THAT would be an interesting read, like jack And The Beanstalk. I'm also pretty sure that the NFL did NOT select Indy to host last year's SB because it's Manning's home town. Like Dallas, perhaps they were envisioning the prospect of havng a home town team paying in one. Again, stop trying to convince yourself that the world is a much better and improved place because Manning played 14 years in Indy, won 4 MVP's, and got paid a year's salary more than God to NOT play, and allow his team to tank a year to get the #1 overall pick. In two-four years, once he's finished as a player, the fans will be looking to annoint the Next Big Thing. Unless, of course, you're guaranteeing that there will NEVER be another 4 time MVP winner. Right?
    Posted by AZPAT

    Agree with you 100%.  I don't think he will play again.  I think Manning will retire..
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    Re: Dear Underdoggg...

    In Response to Re: Dear Underdoggg...:
    In Response to Re: Dear Underdoggg... : Oh, that's easy.  I'll root for the colts.  Believe or not, I was not a manning fan when they drafted him.  I thought the colts should have drafted Leaf, but there was some bias there on my part.  Anyway, I got religion pretty quickly.  The common refrain locally is that when and if the colts face manning, we wish for Manning to throw for 4 tds and 300 yards but lose. 
    Posted by UD6

    I'm sure you're not really all that concerned with it, but as a Manning fan, where would you want to see him land once all is said and done?
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