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Defense - GB and NE

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    Defense - GB and NE

    I have a question here - every story I read about NE talks about how they were the 31st ranked defense last year (and maybe they have improved a little this year.) And no story I read about GB notes that they were the 32nd ranked defense last year.
    SF had a nice win against GB on Sunday - and they scored some points - but I see a lot of praise for their offense and no mention of the fact they did it against the worst defense EVER in the NFL.
    Just seems there is a double standard between the way these two bad defenses get referred to!
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    Re: Defense - GB and NE

    It's funny because in 09' and 10' We were two teams heading in opposite directions in regards to D. It looked GB was building a top 5 D in the league then suddenly in 11' it all fell apart (still can't figure out how) and this year looks like it might be getting worse. The Pats however, looked like they took a step forward last year (compared to 10') and look like they took a giant leap forward this year.

    It's really amazing how they seemed to switch paths almost over night