Seeing that I was told that I was "not a very educated football fan", I'll try to correct what I said about the defense from a recent post the best way I can. Since 2008, this defense has been consistent at being inconsistent and at some point, the light has to finally come on for that defense to realize that they have to play defense consistently. The excuse of the defense being young has to stop because that excuse is old and by using that excuse, you also trying to cover up the fact that your inconsistencies as a defense from lack of a pass rush to lack of coverage to not getting off the field on 3rd Down and sometimes bad tackling as the reaons why your at the bottom in most defensive categories that matter. Part of that is injury and part of it is the lack of continuity. At some point, this defense has to start playing consistent football and hopefully 2012 Regular Season is the year. Can't wait for the season to get here.