Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

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    In Response to Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year? : if waters was contemplating retirement, he would have decided the end of the offseason i believe
    Posted by bredbru

         He was comtemplating retirement throughout the off-season...and has yet to report to camp for "personal reasons". Sounds like he's still contemplating retirement to me.
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

    I have no basis for saying this but for some reason I see Spikes and Hightower being the Pats version of the Hanson brothers from Slapshot in a package where they both come on the field for a bit to crack a few skulls.
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

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    In Response to Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year? :      He was comtemplating retirement throughout the off-season...and has yet to report to camp for "personal reasons". Sounds like he's still contemplating retirement to me.
    Posted by TexasPat

    we can agree to disagree.
    i say 80% he has agreement with bb already about when he comes in.
    20% he's negotiating an increase AND timing it to come in when he wants to come in has used tghis tactic in the past and it worked
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

    Can you even imagine just how much it must simply Absolutely F##k!ng Svck for ANY Pro Football Player on the defensive side, to actually suit up for The NE Patriots?!?  -They couldn't pay me enough...  IF just 1 other NFL Team offered just the halfway mark of what NE was trying to offer me, that'd be it:  I'd go to THE first NFL Team that offered me half of what NE was bidding.

    Devin McCourty- He's played just 2 Seasons, and he's managed this:

    169 TTs  1 Sack  2 FFs  9 INTs for 148 Yards  30 PDs  8 TFLs  1 KR for 24 Yards 
    ~stats courtesy of <same numbers as offered on />
    He was a Pro Bowler and a 1st Team ALL-Pro in his first (out of a grand total of 2 years).  Then he gets to begin his 2nd Season minus not 1, but BOTH The Team's Starting Safeties...and yea, he got the 411 on this 1 full week before The Regular Season began.  His D Unit went from playing the Base 3-4 in his Rookie Year, to playing variations of the 4-3 Under.  Tasked with being the #1 CB in Both Seasons, squaring off against the oppositions #1 WR more than any other NE Patriots CB during any given gameplay and match-up.  2 Starting Safeties that wouldn't even make the Practice Squads of most NFL Clubs (minus Chung...whenever he's around).  

    Meanwhile, Belichick's new Defensive shift had him sending more Front 7 guys rushing the passer (or simply crowding the LOS) during the first 2/3rd's of this year than any time prior here in NE....which means that there were even LESS guys to drop back and cover the pass on any given play (especially as opposed to a Fairbanks-Bulloughs 3-4 Defense).  Secondary schemes flip-flopping back forth, back & forth...EVERY freakin' week- Tight Press-Man, Off-Man, A loose bump and Run, Zone...  NE changes up Secondary schemes In Game, yes- But NOT as NE's foremost Base Scheme EVERY game, game after game after game. 

    Then he gets injured...which is sorta understandable considering that as a Rook, DMC was 2nd on the team in Total Snaps (who was 1st?  A: Brady...that's the guy that was ahead of DMC in total time played).  2nd year, the guy plays with a shoulder so limp, that it's apparent on everyone's TV screen that DMC's arm was just hangin' down his side for a couple of games.  Then what did he miss?  2 Games?  And at the end of the year, even missing these 2 games, He was still something like 8th in Total Snaps (on the team...Offense and Defense)...this, on top of the solid CB numbers I offered above. 

    Then he gets the job to attempt to man the NE Safety sive 1 1/2 Games before playoffs began...New Position.  Even the hilarity of the insulting Fans' Response about this was tragic:  "DMC moved to Safety because he's a crummy CB..."  MY god- he moved to Safety because NE HAD no pro quality Safety, minus 1 very average (but decent hitting) Pat Chung...who gets IR'ed every other game.  Sorry to break it to some of you- But in reality, DMC was the only Secondary guy (at CB nonetheless) that BB hoped could get the job done at Starting Safety.  Meanwhile, Take a look back to Pats SB and Playoff Highlights...  NOTE:  Ya don't end up seeing many passes thrown to where DMC's helping out in coverage @ safety, do ya?  Go look...  NE's Defense and especially NE's Pass D, performed better than NE's Offense during the playoffs...yes, They did.  They might've been pretty p#ss-poor at times during the season, but during The Playoffs?  They were Solid...  Oh, yea, I'll answer the next question: "No...they weren't "solid" enough to hold The NY Giants to a total score of 0 Points"...'kay?      

    Play D for NE?!?  SCR#W that...I wouldn't even If I was Pro ball material.  I really wouldn't.  WhoTH would?!?  For DMC not to be sh#t on, He'd have to Not simply break-up, But Intercept every single ball EVER thrown to the #1 wideout he's tasked with covering...THEN return it for a TD...And while not ever allowing even 1 completion, He'd also have to somehow get even better TT numbers than he's had in just 2 Seasons (One-Hundred and Sixty-Nine a CB) <I'm sure the NE Fans would be understanding If DMC simply totally forsaked helping make any stops unless the 1 guy he was covering got the ball...which he wouldn't />  Also, He wouldn't be allowed (not that he does it anyway), missing on even 1 open field Tackle...ever.  

    What a freak!ng thankless job suiting up to play #1 CB on NE's Defense, with our fanbase.

    I've heard that anything he does, "will be 'o.k.'...considering he svx so bad anyways."  And now I'm hearing that some believe DMC will be cut...nice.

    Yup- Jermaine Cunningham and Ron Brace are still on The Roster after being drafted 1 year and 2 years, prior to DMC...  Meanwhile, DMC's numbers after 2 years (with that wealth of base knowledge about the goings-on in DMC's 2nd year)- Leads some NE Pats Fans to say that Devin McCourty svx SOooo bad, that he won't even make the team.  

    ~I hope he doesn't...  We don't deserve the right to benefit from any young & good D Player (see people still cr#pping on Spikes)...let alone, A VERY good Secondary Player of just 2 league years, whom- NO matter what He possibly can do @ CB in NE, He knows that No matter HOW he plays...No matter his stats....No matter How much or How little help he gets @ Safety or in The Front 7's efforts....DMC must assuredly know full-well by now, That IF he allows just 1 completion to the other teams' #1 wideout, the Fans'll be saying that he's a terrible Cornerback, and they'll be calling for his head.  Lol- Heck, they're ALREADY calling for his release, and we haven't even had our first preseason game.  IF I was him- THE day I finally finished my Rookie NE Contract, and hit Free Agency finally...I wouldn't even LOOK at any offer from NE.  Would not matter what it was...because it wouldn't be worth the grief.
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

    Here's a challenge sent to Anyone & Everyone:

    Find me the names of some of any other NFL Cornerbacks In The History Of The NFL, who managed to equal or better, THESE stats after being in the Pros for 2 Seasons at CB:

    169 TTs   1 Sack   2 FFs   9 INTs for 148 Yards   30 PDs   8 TFLs

    Find me the guys...then we can have a laugh at the small handful of perrenial pro bowl & HOF CBs that'cha end up with.

    Don't believe me?
    Try it...take the challenge-

    I'll spot ya 3 of the type of guys you'll be needing to look at as comparables:

    Darelle Revis...who had 3 MORE PDs (33 PDs vs DMC's 30 PDs), 1 LESS INT (8 for Revis, 9 for DMC), same FFs (2), same Sack (1), less TFLs (1 TFL as opposed to DMC's 8 TFLs) and 145 TTs (to DMC's 169TTs). {and who was on the 2007 & 2008 NY Jets caliber of Defense vs The 2011 & 2012 NE Patriots 1/3rd-1/2 way rebuilt, and that's being generous to NE}  And After Revis's 1st 2 Seasons?  =He was hailed as the 2nd coming of Christ at Cornerback...

    Ty Law?  No chance...Started 27 Games (compared to DMC's 30 Games)- 1 Sack, 6 INTs for 92 yards, 109 TTs, 0 FFs, 0 TFLs, 18 PDs.

    Asante?  Lmao...  29 Games (vs DMC's 30 Games)- 70 TTs (vs DMC's 169 TTs), 0 Sacks (vs DMC's 1 Sack), 3 FFs (vs DMC's 2 FFs), 3 INTs for 89 yards (vs DMC's 9 INTs for 148 yards), 19 PDs (vs DMC's 30 PDs), and 3 TFLs (vs DMC's 8 TFLs). {And yea...Asante's 1st 2 Seasons were playing on the 2003 & 2004 NE Patriots Defense...not The 2011 and 2012 NE Patriots Defense- Lmao, just in the Secondary alone (mentioning the Front 7 comparisons would be embarassing)- Asante started his 2nd year with Rodney Harrison and a mix of Dexter Reid & Eugene Wislon getting his back at the 2 Safety spots; McCourty?  He had: James Ihedigbo (an in-season pick-up), Josh Barret, Sergio Brown, I believe Ross ventrone for a few games, and finally Patrick Chung...(for 8 Games- 1st 2, then missed 2, then made 3 in a row, then missed 1, then came back for 2 more, before missing a bunch and making the final game)}

    DMC started more games?  =Barely...and should we actually blame McCourty for this, too?  ...Because he had to step in as a Day 1 #1 Starting CB Starter?!?  Ya can't have it both ways here, ya know?

    ~So just man-up & take the challenge Anyone to show just HOW bad Devin McCourty is in comparison to ANY other NFL CBs in their 1st 2 Seasons, in order to back-up your claim that's saying he isn't even worthy to make this Patriots team... 
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

    Agree with Texpat. The O Line has to be healthy. I too have concerns about whether or not Vollmer, Waters and Mankins will be healthy enough. As odd as this sounds this could also affect the running game with carries going to some young RBs (Ridley, Vereen). The D has to develop a pass rush and clearly some players have to step up in the secodary. Cautiously optimistic about the D.

    "The basis of optimism is sheer terror"-- Oscar Wilde
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    Re: Defense Needs To Step Up This Year?

    I agree 100% Laz, another poster has suggested McCourty will even be a camp cut???/ WHAT?

    The numbers speak for themselves, if we had adequate experienced safety play behind Devin, he would have had another great year.

    In regards to this defense...Yes they need to improve, and I think the writing is on the wall for this to happen. Fans here will say I am excusing this defense but lets face it, this D has been young and injured for the last 3 seasons. It is in the final stages of the re-build. It had to replace 5 starting players in the secondary last year early on, BM,Sanders,Bodden,Dowling, and Chung was beat up all year.

    Biggest reason to be optimistic about this defense is the youth, and pedigree of its players. Sooner or later talent wins out and it comes with experience. We have a young, talented roster which is gaining experience.

    : 1st rd pick great program in Miami

    Love: UD FA but experienced 2 gapper with 16 games played last year.

    Chandler Jones: 1st rd pick good program

    Jake Bequette: 3 rd  pick great program, (19 tackles for loss, 17 sacks in 23 games, 6 forced fumbles in last 2 years at Arkansa,lead SEC in sacks in only 10 games)

    Brandon Spikes: 2nd rd pick great program

    Jerod Mayo: 1st rd pick ROY, tackling machine team captain

    Donte Hightower: 1st rd pick great program.

    Devin McCourty: 1st rd pick good program, 160 tackles 8 int's 20 pass deflections his 1st 2 years, plays B and safety

    Ras I dowling: 1st pick of 2nd rd. Good physical guy if healthy

    Kyle Arrington: undrafted but lead league with 8 int's and had 15 PD's and 88 tackles last year.

    Patrick Chung: 2nd pk of 2nd rd. 200 tackles in less then 2 years starting.

    Gregory: former starter for SD, experienced vet

    Tavon Wilson: 2nd rd pick 3 year starter at good program.

    We have 5 1st rd picks and 4 2nd rd picks as potential starters on this BB coached defense. I like the odds of this defense drastically improving from last year. Most of the starters are under 25 years old btw! I like what I see.