Defense over complicated/ offense too predictable

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    Defense over complicated/ offense too predictable

    I think the Pats will be fine if the offensive line is tweaked a little(Matt Light), and if it can hold up physically all year. But that being said, there are a couple things I question.

    Let's talk about defense. The schemes are complicated. Probably over complicated. There's a time when players like Merriweather and Bodden, who know how to hit, should  be allowed to use their aggression and instincts and not be hindered by the overcomplicated zone schemes that are bestowed upon them. The young guys have played tentative for years.  Lets play some football. Oh, just for the record. Maybe when the Pats were blowing out teams in 2007 it wouldn't have hurt having Merriweather get some playing time rather than sitting on his a#*. And don't anyone tell me any different because the starters played the entire game almost every game. Rookies dont get better sitting on the bench. If they are in the future plans, they should be in the game at every possible juncture where they will not be in a position to lose a game. And in some cases they should be in anyway.  

    Ironic that the offense is now designed to go head to head and just straight out beat the opposing team. No complications, extremely predictable, and generally it works. But it needs some more strategy.

    The defense sometimes over the last 3 years looks like a poorly choreographed(i spell it right?) ballet. Time to use some straight up non complicated physical aggressive mean defense. Its football, sometimes you have to give certain players a little slack and let them be themselves.

    And sometimes you have to let players like BenJGE or Nunn get on the field and show if they can do anything that resembles their productivity during the preseason. How anxious do you think BenJGE feels after playing very well last year(actually in the games he played he looked better than Maroney and Jordan hands down). Why in the world is he not getting and opportunity at least.? Can someone please answer that for me. And I said OPPORTUNITY, not the starting job or 30 carries. Just an opportunity is all. I really have to question the coaching on this one.
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