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Defense: What the 49ers are on Defense, the Patriots are not

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    Defense: What the 49ers are on Defense, the Patriots are not

    When comparing the Patriots defense to the 49ers defense, its obvious that the 49ers defense is far stronger abd better in all phases of their defense. The 49ers, from the defensive line to the secondary is on one accord as oppose to the Patriots defense that is not even on the same page let alone on one accord. Where the 49ers are stronger and better at on defense than the Patriots are is both the linebacker and secondary. The 49ers' linebackers (especially their inside linebackers with Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman) can both stout against the run and cover in space in the passing game. The Patriots linebackers, some are good against the run and some are good against the pass. When a team have a group of linebackers that are good in one area and bad in another, that defense is going to be average at best. When you compare the secondary's, its obvious the 49ers are far better than the Patriots are completely. The 49ers' safeties in Dashon Goldson (Who the Patriots had interest in back in 2011) and Donte Whitner is one of the best starting duo in the league and their back-up safeties are solid as well. The 49ers conerback play in their starters in Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown and have capable back-ups in Tramaine Brock and Chris Culliver. The Patriots secondary has been a question mark sense 2008 and at this point, they will get better or worse. McCourty is regressing, Ras-I Dowling has seemingly disappeared as he's hardly on the football field, and Russell Wilson throwing that (What would end up being) game-winning 46-Yard, touchdown, pass to Sidney Rice exemplifies how the safety play has gone, bad. At this point, all we can do is hope the light finally lights up in their head.

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    Re: Defense: What the 49ers are on Defense, the Patriots are not

    Great defense yes, but new acqusitions on O haven't helped the Niners alot. Seems the Pats offense is still better than theirs. I agree that the Niners have a great D Line and LB corps and playmakers in the secondary, but the Giants proved they're beatable. Three teams In the NFC are capable of  beating the Niners; Green Bay, Atlanta and the Giants. Not sold on Falcons and GB would need a strong perfromance from Rodgers to win. Just like Pats will need a strong perfromance from Brady to beat the Niners.


    The interesting aspect of all this is that NFC West is not quite the doormat it was 2-3 years ago.