Defensive Line Depth Chart

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    Defensive Line Depth Chart

    What do u guys think the D-Line depth chart looks like right now? Who starts? I think Wilfork and Warren are locks but who starts at the third spot? And who comes in for the sub packages?
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    Re: Defensive Line Depth Chart

    See current depth chart
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    Re: Defensive Line Depth Chart

    There are now eight DLs on the team:


    I think you can build a decent rotation out of the first six on that list. All of those six except Moore have been with the team all season, and all of them (including Moore) have been in the rotation for at least parts of the season.  Furthermore, BB has used them in different ways, so we know they are versatile--with most of them playing in several different positions on the line or in various different situations and on various different downs. 

    My big concern is that four of the top six (the guys with stars next to their names) have been injured in recent weeks and have missed both practice and playing time.  It's hard to know how healthy they are and that has to be a concern.  Another injury could be a disaster.  

    Cohen and Ellison are guys who weren't able to make other teams, who haven't been with Pats very long, and who haven't played much (if at all) this season.  So it's really hard to feel confident about them--but then you look at what BB has gotten out of Eric Moore in the past few weeks and you have to wonder whether they'll be better contributors than anyone could expect.  

    The health of the DL has to be a big concern--but if the top six are now all healthy and can stay that way, then I think the Pats will be fine.  
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