Defensless Receiver

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    Defensless Receiver

    I was just watching PIT/HOU, about 10:35 left
    3rd & 9
    Ben scrambles then throws down the middle
    Hines goes up to get it

    He didn't catch it, not because of the hit, he just didn't catch it

    In the new wussified NFL, isn't that a personal foul?

    Isn't that hitting a defenseless receiver. I don't know if I understand the rule.

    I thought you couldn't hit a guy in the air trying to make a catch

    Was it not a flag because he didn't lose the ball due to the hit?

    Thanks for any help clearing that up for me
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    Re: Defensless Receiver

    Oh . . .  you understand the rule . . .  at least as well as the officials seem to understand it, which often appears to be not at all.

    Last week against Buffalo. Wes Welker caught a ball, turned upfield, took a few steps and was tackled.

    Perfectly normal football play, right?


    Personal foul. Unnecessary roughness on a "defenseless" receiver.

    Nobody knows.

    The zebras just call whatever they want whenever they feel like it.

    Get used to it.

    This is your new, improved NFL, where the league claims to be promoting "safety," but Tony Romo is allowed to return to action with a punctured lung.

    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $