Deion Branch signs with Colts?

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    Re: Deion Branch signs with Colts?

    So Babe and all the other whiners in this thread would turn down a job offer from a competing company out of loyalty to your former employer who laid you off?

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    Re: Deion Branch signs with Colts?

    In response to TFB12's comment:

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    In response to TFB12's comment:

    I hate the thought of Branch in a Colts jersey, will be hard to watch.  But he is a free agent, the Pats weren't interested in him any longer so I don't blame him one bit for wanting to still play and get paid.

    Well said.   This is a football game and he has every right to play in it.  It is a strange move for sure but if Indy and Branch think they can pull this off,  then hats off to them.  Branch can catch footballs.  He was one of the most natural at just catching the ball.  He has great eyesight.  He watches the ball into his hands.  These are things that don't go away as quickly as footspeed.  This is my concern... and why guys like Branch are good to have around.  If he can get open ....  he will catch the ball. 

    That is the key.    A slow Branch with Arrington draped all over him will not get wide open.  If Luck forces the ball to him then it could pay off for the Patriots  with maybe some deflected balls in the air to be picked.   If Patriots let Branch dance around in a zone coverage then he could do damage...IMO.

    Branch has been inactive, the thing that really made him good and valuable with the Patriots is he and TFB had a lot of good chemistry together.  There is no way he just steps in and does well with a new team, new plays, new QB so quickly.  Not going to be a threat against the Pats.  A move by the Colts to get a wr on the roster to fill in for Heyward-Bey and they look like they are pretty desperate in trying to play mind games.  Maybe it would have worked for them 5 years ago but I see it as no big deal now.

    When you think of all the other receivers out there...  They decide on Branch... ?   It is a mind games thing since you just don't know until he steps out there and runs around.  

    You gotta assume that he has worked out for them.  He is a smooth operator and an experienced guy like that can pick up the offense I'm sure pretty quick.  He is a depth guy and probably will see 5-10 snaps.   They will probably keep him around the line of scrimmage for those possession type catches.  dump offs, etc.  easy stuff. 

    Thing is ...  after you see a few guys drop passes ,  maybe they just want a guy in there who simply can catch it... with the additional plus that he has the big stage experience... 

    Still it is shocking because of the timing.  It definitely is messing with MY head.