Deion Branch

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    Re: Deion Branch

    I loved it from the moment we traded for him. He was Brady's favorite target, always at the right place at the right time and when it mattered most.

    After one week of practice, he puts up 9 catches for 98 yards and a TD. Where are all the people/trolls mocking this trade and calling for BB's head for trading Moss? Oh yeah, they are too scared to enter these types of topics because deep down inside, they realized that they know THAT much LESS then BB.
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    Re: Deion Branch

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    Branch's performance today convinced me we'd have at least one more ring if he had never left. Having said that, great to have him back.
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker

    I definitely agree. And I'm not saying it was Deion's or Bill's fault that he had to go; the two sides just couldn't come to an agreement.

    But is there anyone out there who doesn't think we would have won the '06-'07 Super Bowl if we had Deion? We came thisclose with Reche Caldwell starting. I'm almost positive we wouldn't won it if we had Branch.
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    Re: Deion Branch

    Wonder if the naysayers will still wonder if Branch was worth a (typed as I chuckle) 4RTH Round Pick???

    Looks like there is indeed something to be said for.....Qb-WR Chemistry!

    Welcome back SB MVP!
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    Re: Deion Branch

    Brady to Branch = Magic. 

    I saw them connect on passes that Brady and Moss could never get right. 

    I was all for bringing him back. I was hoping we get him during the offseason last year, but at least he is here again. 

    Branch was vintage Branch. He looked like the SB MVP today. 

    The only down thing is i wish Moss would have shut his mouth and stayed here AND we bring Deion back.  but Moss is all about Moss.....and thats why Branch is here and Moss isn't.

    so happy to have Branch backk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Deion Branch

    I took a wild guess that Branch was slowed by age, but that he could pick up with Brady instantly.  He was getting 3 passes a game in Seattle and I figured the same here.  9 receptions?!  Now I suspect that Branch was with a stupid team--the Seahawks--with stupid coaches and a stupid quarterback.  Branch is a dink and dunk guy. 

    Apparently the Ravens guessed that Branch would need about 6 weeks to work in with the "new" team.  He'd be a decoy, a wooden duck.  Ignore Branch and double team Tate deep on every play.  The Ravens started one safety 23 yards deep on every spread play, which meant that for the dink and dunk game it was 11 players on 10. 

    Also, props to Danny Woodhead for taking the majority of the snaps at running back.  That's not a bell cow, that's a belled terrier dog.  I had Danny for 6 rushes and 3 passes caught.   Actual:  11 rushes for a 5.7 yard rushing average, 5 receptions for 52 yards!  I guess if Baltimore wants to be defenseless against the run, let em.
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    Re: Deion Branch

     Branch makes Brady a better QB because he doesn't have to worry about focusing on Moss all the time. I think he'll also make the other receivers better because now they know that Brady might be coming to them at any moment and not concentrating mostly on getting the ball to Moss. I really don't understand why so many fans were upset about unloading Moss. Sure he is an excellent receiver but I think we may evolve into a better team without him.
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    Re: Deion Branch

    Branch is motivated to do whatever it takes to win. Moss lost that motivation the second he figured out he wasn't getting a fat new contract. That difference in motivation more than makes up for any physical advantages Moss had.