Deion Sanders Elected to HOF

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    Re: Deion Sanders Elected to HOF

    Huge Deion fan ... lets get some things straight ... first off , Antibody your either lazy in doing your homework or just saying that Deion had a S over the top bc you think it sounds cool. Neither are true , especially the latter. Second , again you people need to do your homework here about Deion being physical and comparing him to Moss??? Deion was a very physical CB , more physical than almost any CB playing today or back in his day. Listen Deion wasnt a great tackler , secrets out , hes not i trained killer. But he was very physical on the line of scrimmage and about 5-12-15 yards down the field. Deion , like Moss , had great hands and was stronger than people thought. Both were/are great w/ their hands at the line of scrimmage. Downfield , fighting for position , both were great using their arms/hands and getting the ball. And like Moss , Deion is absolutely a HOF , first year , no doubt. Both were/are game changers , and changed the game b/c of how they played. To bad the football HOF is an absolute joke , just look at whos in , Lynn Swann. And whos out , Cris Carter ... seriously I could go on all day, thats just one example.
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    Re: Deion Sanders Elected to HOF

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    Is it just me or does anyone else think that he was possibly the most over-rated, over-hyped character to ever wear pads?
    Posted by antibody

    His half of the field was rarely contested. Even when he erred, his closing speed was phenominal accompanied with a great set of hands. If he picked you, it wasn't uncommon to see him get a return or taking it to the house. His shut down ability earns him the right to the Hall.