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Del Rio Decision vs Belichick's

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    Del Rio Decision vs Belichick's

    we all know it is hard to fathom how we lost to Colts. Compare the coaching decisions made yesterday by Jack Del rio and Coach Belichick. J'Ville made Jones Drew kneel down 1 yard before the goal line and putting faith in your kicker who missed on the same side.
    Coaches made decisions based on the situations, we can term them as cocky, aggressive etc...They know about the team more than us.

    I am sure Patriots will learn that only way to win against the Colts is to keep pounding 59:59.

    The silver lining, Belichick will NOT loose the battle twice. If we go thru Denver or Colts, they better be ready.

    Jets... here we come...were are not lossing the second time and Pats don't loose 2 in a row and that too at home....

    There are only 2 teams 9-0 and many of them have the same record as us..

    1,2, 3 GO PATS!!!!!
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    Re: Del Rio Decision vs Belichick's

    JDR by a KO