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    delete - double post

    Can the Pats pull the franchise tag anytime prior to it being signed?
    I am just wondering what happens if WW doesn't sign through OTAs and Mini-camp and the team decides that they really like some combination of Gaffney, Edelman, Gonzalez, and Ebert in the slot during those practices.
    Do they go to WW and say - here is a 2 year contract, here is the franchise tender - sign one or the other, or if you prefer, we will pull the Tag and you are free to negotiate with anyone?
    I think after July 16 they can reduce the tag number but cannot withdraw the offer as WW cannot negotiate any other deal. But mini-camp completes before July 16.
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    Re: Franchise Tag

    I don't believe so. I think once you tag someone, it's on the books. The deadline came and went.   I think they can only pull it if he signs a long term deal.

    Maybe someone else has other info.